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Fitbit Flex

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Keeping track of your fitness goals has gotten much easier with the release of the Fitbit Flex. This lightweight wristband can track a wide range of your activities and deliver a personal profile on your movements.

Over time you can see how you’re doing compared to your fitness goals. The thing that makes the Fitbit Flex so special is that it tracks a wider range of motion and activities than other competing products with a wristband that is so light; you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

How Active Are You?

Fitbit Flex Highscore list on mobile phone

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Even though you may have a standard workout routine that makes it easy to keep track of how far you’ve run in a given day, there are many other activities that help you stay fit that you probably aren’t counting in your totals.

For example, climbing a single flight of stairs is a very good cardiovascular workout and a simple thing to do every day. The fitness tracker knows when you’ve skipped the elevator in favor of stairs and calculates the calories burned in your total.

Simple walking can improve your health too and the wristband will log how far you’ve walked as well as a number of other motion metrics to provide a comprehensive picture of your day. You may be surprised to see how active you are outside of your scheduled workouts and this can inspire you to keep making smart choices.

Are You Getting a Restful Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and most people never know what actually happens during that eight-hour period when they’re resting.

Are you tossing and turning all night? Do you actually sleep through the night or wake up occasionally?

By wearing the Fitbit Flex when you go to bed you can now keep track of these things and more. It allows you to monitor your sleep patterns and will actually wake you with a gentle vibration in the morning. This type of alarm allows you to jump out of bed in the morning refreshed without worry about your old antiquated alarm waking your partner.

Fitbit Flex – Easy Charging and Easy Syncing

Fitbit Flex comes with different colors

Fitbit Flex – different colors available ©Fitbit

The Fitbit Flex is designed for daily use and will operate for up to five days on a full charge. Recharging the device is easy with any standard USB charger.

The Flex was built to take the punishment of your workouts. It is sweat, dust and water-resistant. However Fitbit does recommend not to use it for swimming or showering.

Synchronizing the gadget to your mobile device or computer is easy through a Bluetooth connection or the included USB dongle and happens automatically when you are within 30 feet of your device. All of your activity information logged while wearing the Fitbit Flex is presented through a single application and allows you to track your progress on the go with your mobile device.

The mobile app even helps you keep track of the calories you’re consuming by simply scanning the barcode of your snack. This quick scan will enter these calories into your daily totals and show you how much exercise you’ll need to completely erase them.

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Technical Details of the Fitbit Flex

  • Available colors: black, slate, tangerine, teal, navy, pink, lime
  • Two different sizes of wristbands: small and wide
  • Syncs wirelessly to your desktop computer via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0
  • Battery: Li-polymer, one charge lasts up to five days
  • water resistant, can be sumberged up to 10 meters
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C
  • compatible to free IPhone and Android apps
  • LED on the band indicate your current progress on your workout

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband, Black

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Excellent product with decent price.

The Fitbit Flex is usable with free Android and Iphone apps. It tracks your sleep, is waterproof and is able to track a wider range of sports and activities. There is no display and thus it's good for daily use without being damaged.

Battery Life
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  1. Hey there,
    personally I also have made good experiences with Fitbit Flex. Its good for counting steps. What I also like is the alarm function. Battery lasts really at least 5 days which I personally think could be improved with new gadgets.

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