Fitbit One Review 2017 – Activity and Sleep Tracker

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The Fitbit One is one of the most popular wireless activity and sleep trackers currently available on the wearables market. In this Fitbit One review, we will show you the main features, functions, pros and cons of that outstanding good fitness device. Read on now to get the latest and freshest information about the Fitbit One!

Fitbit One – Unboxing, accessories

Inside the packaging you will find the Fitbit One, the Fitbit One clip, the wireless USB Bluetooth dongle for your Mac or PC, a USB charging cable and a comfortable sleep wristband.

packaging content

Packaging content

Fitbit One – Setting up the device with 10 simple steps

Fitbit One - setup

  1. Go to
  2. Download the FitbitConnect Software
  3. Install the FitbitConnect Software on your computer
  4. Plug in the USB wireless dongle into computer
  5. Start charging the One: Plug it into the charging device and plug in it’s USB cable
  6. charge until at least 60% (3 LEDs are lighted)
  7. Start the FitbitConnect software, chose Fitbit One as your device
  8. Enter your secret access code (shown on the Fitbit One display)
  9. Enter your data to optimize the tracking (weight, height, age…)
  10. You are ready to go 🙂

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

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Fitbit One review of usability

Fitbit one Review - Front Side with step counter

Fitbit One – Step counter screen is active

The Fitbit One is the successor of the Fitbit Flex (Fitbit Flex Review).

In contrast to the Fitbit Flex, it has a display and a single push button on its top side. When you push the button once, the screen will light up. When you press the button again you can go to the next screen item.

Available options to show are the calories you have burned today, the number of steps, the number of stairs you have taken and how active you were recently.

The Fitbit One visualizes your activity as a little flower which will grow bigger the more active you are. For this Fitbit One review I made a picture with the active step counter option which you can see on the right hand side!

Moreover you can see the distance you walked today. Of course, the fitness tracker will also show you the current time so you do not need an additional watch.

It has also an integrated stopwatch functionality. Just press the button of the Fitbit One for a longer time until the stopwatch starts to count. Do the same thing to stop the stopwatch.

Fitbit One – summary of main functions

Fitbit One Dashboard


Track your day

During the day the Fitbit One will track your

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Floors climbed
  • Calories burned
  • Current activity level

Moreover, you can use the stopwatch and time functionality. The Fitbit One will sync wirelessly with your mobile and desktop computer application.

Track your night

While you sleep your Fitbit One will track your

  • Hours slept
  • Times awakened
  • Sleep quality
  • Silent vibrating alarm

Fitbit One review of sleep tracking


Wristband for sleep tracking

How to use sleep tracking mode

If you would like to use the device for sleep tracking you should use the sleep tracking band. Put the Fitbit One inside the band and wrap the band around your not dominant wrist.

If you don’t wrap it around your wrist too tight, you won’t notice it anymore during sleeping. Because the wristband in sum is very comfortable, I can sleep very well with it.

Also check out the popular thread Fitbit accessories and replacement bands.

When you go to bed, just hold the push button for 3 seconds until the stopwatch starts to count and the sleep tracker is activated. Do the same when you wake up to stop the sleep tracker.

Sleep tracking data review

Sleep tracking data

My sleep statistics

Inside your Fitbit dashboard you can take a closer look at your sleep data. You will see the time at which you went to bed, the time it took until you fell asleep and the time you were in bed.

Moreover, the sleep tracker will notice the number of times you were awake and restless. Out of this data, the so called sleep efficiency indicator is calculated. The better you sleep, the higher your sleep efficiency will be.

When I created this Fitbit One review I had a current sleep efficiency of 98% which is already pretty good I think!

Back Side of Fitbit One

With the sleep tracker it makes it easier for you to track occasions or dates on which you had a bad sleep efficiency. And for example you might find out that whenever you go to bed too late you also will have a bad sleep efficiency.

In your Fitbit One sleep tracking settings you can also choose between “normal” and “sensitive”. This option is available to make the device more or less sensible to your arm movements.

Mobile and online tools – using the Fitbit dashboard

Fitbit One Dashboard

To sync the Fitbit One with your smartphone or personal computer just start the Fitbit application and press the syncing button. After a successful synchronization, you can go to your Fitbit dashboard to review your data.

When you are reviewing your data at the Fitbit dashboard, you can choose different options. You can see daily, weekly or monthly statistics. The dashboard will show you also whether you have reached your fitness and weight goals or not.

Fitbit Charge or Fitbit Surge? Which Fitbit Smartwatch is really better?

With your mobile phone app you can connect with your friends, start challenges and earn badges, which will help you to stay motivated.

The Fitbit One makes it easier to track and control your weight, log your food calories and set weight goals. It also has multitracker support, which means Fitbit will detect which device you currently are wearing and will automatically detect which device you wear.

Further specifications

one in clip on bra

Although it is not recommended to go swimming with your Fitbit One, it is sweat, rain and splash proof. If you need a wearable for swimming you should take a look at this top list.

Fitbit One will sync with over 150+ devices. For the complete of compatible devices you may take a look at

Compatibilty with:

  • Mac OS 10.6 + / Windows XP +
  • IPhone 4S + IPad 3 gen. +
  • Android

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

Last update was in: March 26, 2019 7:46 am


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