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Fitnesstracker Fitbit Charge HR Review Heart Rate monitoring

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Fitbit Charge HR

Wearable fitness technology tools that have previously been available to sports scientists and professional athletes can now be used by everyday runners, cyclists and gym-goers! When you choose to improve your personal fitness, technology can give your schedule a scientific basis – charting your improvement every step of the way.

With next generation fitness trackers like the Fitbit in this Fitbit Charge HR Review you will be able to maintain your fitness much easier.

The Fitbit Charge HR is a wearable fitness monitor similar to Fitbit Flex but with longer battery life and additional heart rate monitoring capabilities.

In contrast to many other fitness utilities, I recognized that Fitbits’ bands try to make one stay more motivated with its innovative gamification elements.

For example, you can create competitions with your friends online and earn badges when you achieve your specific goals. But what else can you expect when you have a Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker?

Achieve your fitness success with the Fitbit Charge HR heart rate monitor

Two Bodybuilders wearing fitbit charge hrWith the Fitbit Purepulse Technology the Charge HR tracks your heart rate 24 hours a day, even when you sleep.

Moreover, the Heart rate is a good indicator of how close you are to reach your full aerobic potential. If you are training too low below your maximum heart rate, you still will be able to improve your performance. But very likely you will not make the most out of you.

Whether you are a runner or any other fitness fanatic you can use Fitbits heart rate monitor to see at a glance whether you are operating at maximum cardiovascular efficiency. Thus, Fitbit will inform you whether it is safe to speed up. And also whether you are not putting in the effort required.

Once you are finished, the tracker can confirm that your fitness is improving. This is done by charting your resting heart rate as well. It’s an easy way to add some scientific precision to your everyday gym visits.

Keep track of all of your workout data in real-time

Girls doing fitness with fitness tracker band

The advantages of using a wearable fitness tracker go beyond heart rate monitoring. The Fitbit Charge HR will keep track of other aspects of your workout. From distance covered, how many minutes you have been active and the number of calories burned.

With this information, runners, climbers, cyclists or gym hounds can see instantly whether they are keeping in synch with their plans, and whether they are making progress.

When wearable fitness technology first came onto the market, one common problem that exercise fans encountered was the limited battery life of such devices.

The Charge HR ensures a far longer battery performance than many competitors. It has more than 5 days of charge available. You can take your Charge and go hiking or mountain biking with a tent on your back and combine a love of the outdoors with an effective fitness program.

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Moreover, the Fitbit Charge HR will detect your sleep phases with its integrated automated sleep detection. It’s easy to monitor how long and how well you sleep. It is also possible to set up a silent vibrating alarm to wake you up gently.

Analyze your tracked data with mobile and online tools

Tracking is one part of an effective workout routine, but it isn’t everything. It’s also important to be able to connect your wearable fitness device up to laptops or through apps to the web to analyze what all of your data means.

Similar to the Fitbit Flex the Fitbit Charge HR is able to sync wirelessly with your phone and as an extra, it has the possibility to show you a specific caller id when someone is calling you on your phone. For this feature, the band has to be near to the phone.



With wearable technology, you can base your hard work on a scientific foundation. Improve your workout efficiency with every running stride or pull-up at the gym.

Instead of struggling to improve your fitness, you can see your performance constantly improve, and find ways to perfect your workout at the same time.

Charge HR – further technical specifications

  • Available colors: black, plum, blue and tangerine
  • Available sizes: small, large and x-large
  • Band consists of a flexible and durable elastomer material
  • OLED display
  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • 3 Axis accelerometer
  • Altimeter
  • Vibration motor
  • Tracks your data and saves for 7 days
  • Wireless syncing (range: 20 feet)
  • Battery charge lasts approximately 5 days
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Plum, Large

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