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In this article I will show you in deep details about a fitness wearable from Jaybird, the Jaybird Reign. Some of you guys may know Jaybird from the wireless sports earbuds called the Jaybird X2. The Jaybird Reign is the newest wearable product developed by Jaybird.

I have tested the tracker for some time now and I’m able to present to you the results to JayBird Reign. With a current price of 179 $ it’s a fitness tracker in the mid-range price. So let’s take a look at it’s functions to see if it’s worth the price!

As Rene Oehlerking, Chief Marketing Officer at Jaybird, was asked why Jaybird started the development on this device, he explained:

We wanted to create great products for ourselves, since we are all very active people!

Rene Oehlerking


The wristband – wear comfort & functionality

Fitness Athlete with Jaybird ReignThe band is made out of soft silicon with no overlapping band straps. It has a streamlined magnetic pin locking system which works pretty good. When I wore the band it never unlocked accidentally. There is additional gear you can use like bike straps or more robust bands for stronger activities.

Overall all available bands are very soft and light weight. The Jaybird Reign is available in different sizes. For biking there is a special ankle strap you can use. You can buy the wristband in three different colors (white, black and green). There are also different size options available so that the band can fit best to your wrist size.

Similar to other fitness tracking devices (e.g. Sony Smartband) the chip of the tracker is completely removable from the band.
As already said the Jaybird Reign and all of the silicon bands are waterproof and may be used while swimming in a pool.
If necessary, you may wash the band with mild soap and warm water to remove any dirt.

Main functions

Get the time with Jaybird reignThe device does not have any buttons but it has 12 LEDs aligned in a row. You can activate the band by lightly tapping it repeatedly for at least 4 times.

Time display

The device is not only a fitness tracker but can also function as a watch and indicate the daytime with it’s LED’s.
The Red lights stand for the hours. So if you see 4 red and 8 green LEDs it’s 4 o’clock. The minutes show up as a flashing LEDs. Because there are 12 LEDs the minimum resolution of the time is 5 minutes (60 minutes divided by 12).
Personally I think the time display is pretty innovative but requires the user a little bit to get used to it.

Jaybird Reign activity appUsability and functionality

Jaybird Reign automatically detects different sports you are currently doing like running, biking, swimming and more.
To measure the activity it therefore counts the milliseconds between the heartbeats. Combining the data out of the heartbeat and the acceleration sensor and time data, the Jaybird Reign is able to tell when you are ready to be active, how ready, when you need recover and when you need to slow down.

If you tap the band 4 times the green LED glow and indicates your actual progress for the current day.

Your activity score is automatically adjusted every day based on your previous day’s performance.

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Condition forecast

Every morning you wake up you start the app and start the GO-Zone Score measurement. During the measurement you have to sit still for at least 2 minutes to get correct results.
Technically the Go Score results out of a HRV Measurement. Find more about HRV here.

After the measurement you will receive a number between 0 and 100. This is your Go-Zone Score.

A score of less than 33 means that your body is fatigued and you shouldn’t go for a hard workout today.
Scores above 33 mean you are ready for go. When your score is between 40 and 60 you might feel best during your exercises. And even if your score is high and you don’t feel so good you should give it a try and go outside. You will be surprised what you can achieve on these days!

Device compatibility

Jaybird has it released for both, Apple and Android Devices.

Sleep recognition

The fitness tracker also has some helpful sleep features. You can track your sleep patterns, while the device will suggest when you should go to sleep.

Sleep recognition app

Battery status

The current battery status of the Jaybird Reign is shown in your app. In Addition, when your wristband is low on power there will be 3 red flashing leds visible to indicate that you should charge your device. Whenever you plug on the charging cable, the battery charge status will be indicated by the LEDs on your tracking device.

Technical Details

Product Height: 7 Inches
Product Width: 5 Inches
Product Depth: 2 Inches
Product Weight: 0.75 lbs

Package Content

  • Premium Bands
  • Clip Cleaner
  • USB Charger
  • Reign Pod
  • Rain Sport Bands
  • Ankle Strap

Further Wishlist

Personally i would wish to have some kind of vibrating alarms, but of course this is no must.

For even more information about this device you might take a look on SlashGear!

Jaybird S/M - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Jaybird ReignAdvanced Active Fitness Recovery Band - Black - L/XL

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