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Adidas Micoach

Adidas Micoach

If you’re looking for an easy to use, comprehensive fitness tracker system the Adidas MiCoach System could be the solution. While it costs a little more than other activity trackers on the market, you do get a lot for your money. It takes just seconds to set up, and it can be tailored to your preferred sport with the addition of a range of extras and add-ons.

The MiCoach might look a tad complicated on first glance, but it really isn’t! Once you have the activity tracking system linked to your computer you simply download the app from the home website to sync your devices. You then choose from a range of workouts to start your training program, and apps are available for both Mac and PC users.

Who can use an Adidas MiCoach?

The Adidas MiCoach combines a heart rate monitor and step counter with an online workout manager, and a wide range of data and chart options can be used to create your personal program. There are hundreds of free workout and running plans to choose from, and real time cardio allows you to enhance your strength and performance.

Perhaps you’re training for an event or meeting, or maybe you’d just like to lose a few kilos and improve your fitness. The Adidas MiCoach can be used as a professional aid, but it’s also ideal for those new to training.

The fitness tracker from Adidas comes with a single headphone which can be used in coaching mode to motivate you as you run, walk or cycle, or to listen to music when using it in free mode. Fasten the stride monitor to the laces or velcro strap of your sports shoes, secure the heart rate band around your waist and clip the unit to your belt or a piece of clothing. The pacer quickly recognises the other parts, and you’re ready to run.

Also available is a so called “speedcell” from adidas which can be used in your adidas sports shoe to track your fitness progress. And the newest invention from adidas is the “Adidas FitSmart“.

Training with the Adidas MiCoach

Adidas Fitsmart on women's wrist

Adidas Fitsmart Wristband

Once you’ve decided on your personal workout plan using the app, you can run in training or free mode.

If you select free mode, your MiCoach will simply collect data and monitor your run to sync later.

In coaching mode your activity is also monitored but a handy ‘personal coach’ will alert you if you’re going too fast and helps you to find the correct pace to get the most from your run.

Once you return from your run or workout you can sync the data by simply plugging the USB line into your activity tracker and your computer. This is where the fun really begins, and the Adidas MiCoach shows its strengths.

As well as a good overview of what you’ve achieved so far, the tracker can offer tips for future workouts. Extras like the multi-sport app are ideal for football, tennis or other discipline, and the addition of the SPEED_CELL or X_CELL will let you visualise each part of your game and build up a personal profile.

The Adidas MiCoach website is what really make the whole thing work so well, and exciting features such as nutrition guides and tips for training and recovery from top athletes, trainers and coaches enhance the overall experience. The Adidas MiCoach may cost slightly more, but it’s easy to use and versatile, and you can build on the initial package to create the personalised programme you really want.


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