5 Top Free Fitness Tracker Apps to track your fitness progress

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Stop wasting your time with bad mobile tracker apps that cost much but don’t have any benefits!

In this article I will give you a short overview on the best free fitness tracker apps that are currently available on the market. Get your mobile app with the options you really need. But wait… You have never heard about any fitness apps? No problem, lets figure this out for you:

What are mobile Fitness Tracker Apps?

Fitness Tracker Apps are programs for your mobile phone which can be used in combination with your fitness tracker. A fitness tracker app can help you to feel more motivated and make losing weight, training or simply improving your overall health and fitness much more enjoyable. To generally learn more about fitness trackers just read on here.

Finding fitness tracker apps to use in conjunction with an activity tracker has never been easier. There are lots of good free apps to choose from. No matter if you use  iOS on your iPhone or iPad or you prefer Android apps for your smartphone, you’re certain of finding one or two that appeal to you and fits to your device.

For example, Fitocracy is a free fitness tracker app from the iTunes store that lets you plan and track workouts quickly and easily. Activity trackers such as Sony Smartwatch and Fitbit are enhanced by good mobile apps, and once you download them they can be tailored to your needs.

How does a Fitness App work with your tracker?

There are several different types of trackers available on the market and each is complemented by a range of fitness tracker apps, which allows you to create a more fulfilling and effective plan.

However, it can be costly staying ahead of new developments as more advanced apps become available. Free third party apps that can be used in conjunction with different brands are a great way to augment your personal plan without spending a fortune.

Walking and running are highly beneficial forms of exercise that can help you to achieve a higher level of fitness with little expense. It can be difficult to find the motivation though, and that’s another area where a mobile fitness app can really make a difference.

What are the best Fitness Tracker Apps?

Sony Smartwatch users can download My Tracks by Google for free, and it offers cyclists and runners an easy way to record speed, elevation, path and distance. You can view data live, and sync with Google Drive to share your favourite tracks. Walkmate, also for Sony Smartwatch, is simple but effective and lets you count steps, distance and calories burned clearly and easily.

There is also a tracking System known as miCoach from Adidas which is really worth a look!

Fitbit fans will find Fitbit Tracker invaluable, and it can be downloaded to your Windows phone. While it doesn’t track diet information it does monitor daily activities and the easy to read format is appealing. You also have the option to add sleep data, activities and weight statistics to your existing Fitbit account.

Calorie Manager isn’t technically a fitness app, but it cover areas that Fitbit Tracker doesn’t. It counts calories, generates calorie intake charts, reads barcodes and much more. Take a look at the best free apps for your tracker, and enjoy an enhanced programme for less:

1. Fitocracy

Fitocracy https://www.fitocracy.com/

Fitocracy is an online community where it is easy to share and show your fitness progress. Fitocrazy is fun because it contains special gaming elements: Earn points for your workout, unlock achievements and set goals. You can also join personal workout groups with your own personal trainer. Your personal trainer will create an individual workout plan for you and will track your fitness workouts together with you. Get encouraged by your own fitness group.

Main Features of Fitocracy:

  • It’s free!
  • Social Integration
  • Challenge your friends!
  • Earn Points for your workout
  • Track your fitness progress online
  • Share your statistics with your friends
  • Be motivated by a well designed goal and achievements system

2. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic fitness tracker app
Runtastic Step Counter

Runtastic PRO is an app for mobile phones and smart wearables. Runtastic offers some very good apps for Windows, Android and iOS Phones. Main functionalities of the Runtastic PRO app:

  • Best for running, cycling, inline skating, walking and jogging
  • Compatibility with android wear gadgets
  • Individual training diary with overall statistics and graphics
  • Integrated GPS mode with Google Maps to show current position and recent tracks
  • Integrated Step counter
  • Sync your workout with your MyFitnessPal Account
  • Set individual training goals (heart rate, distance, speed…)

3. Fitbit Tracker

Fitness Tracker Apps from Fitbit
Fitbits mobile phone app
  • Totally Free
  • Works with Fitbit Gadgets (Fitbit Flex, One or  Zip)
  • Best for running, cycling, inline skating, walking and jogging
  • Compatibility Windows Phone, Android and iOS
  • Integrated Step counter
  • Track your goals easily (Distance, Weight, Steps…)
  • Compare number of steps with your friends

4. Polar Flow

Polar Flow is an app which is specific designed for the Polar activity trackers. This includes the Polar Loop , Polar V800 and the Polar Beat.

polar flow
Polar Flow
  • It’s Free!
  • Works with Polar Gadgets
  • Best for running and cycling
  • Compatibility Windows Phone, Android and iOS
  • Integrated Step counter
  • Track your goals easily (Distance, Weight, Steps…)
  • Watch your Activity bar to fill up during the day
  • Track your steps, calories, active and sleep time easily
  • Get noticed if you have been still for too long

5. Runkeeper

Another fitness tracker app is Runkeeper. It is available for all android, and iOS devices.

Activity Tracker App
  • Join 25 million other users and share your fitness data
  • Free in basic version
  • GPS tracking, position and track will be shown on google maps
  • Heart Rate measurement
  • Be informed of new personal records
  • Hear your favorite music during your Workout
  • Save your activity as a new track if you would like to run it again
  • Measure your calories

Go now to the fitness tracker page to see which one might suit you best!