7 signs you are using your activity tracker too much

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An activity tracker can help you to stay informed, motivated and engaged when you’re pursuing any sort of fitness regime.


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The “quantified self” movement is all around us. But there are times when tracking too much can take over a person’s life. You are wondering if you or your friend is using the activity tracker just too much

Whether you’re a long-term fitness fanatic or someone just starting out on the journey towards health and fitness, there are several signs that your love of an activity tracker could be turning into an obsession.

1. You charge your tracker more than your phone

You charge your tracker more than your phone

For most people, the device that requires charging the most is their smartphone. But if you are addicted to exercise stats and your daily calorie consumption levels (see quantified self-movement), you might find that your tracker is being charged more than your phone.
And you are really in trouble if you find yourself asking for power outlets in coffee shops to charge your tracker.

2. You convert everything to “steps taken”

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Whether you’re going to the bathroom, heading for the fridge or putting out the trash, you’re checking how many steps you’ve taken.
Everything you do is broken down into how many steps it will take off your daily total. If you’re checking how many steps you’ve taken after going to the bathroom, you’re definitely obsessed.

3. You’re pacing the floor to achieve your daily step goal before bed

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Do you walk around your home at night if you’re short of your daily “step” goal? Do you regularly stay awake until after midnight to ensure your daily calorie targets are met?
If you’re literally losing sleep in order to keep your tracker happy, you can be reasonably sure you’re using it too much.

4. You’ve become an unpaid tracker salesperson

Unpaid sales person

Are your friends avoiding you? If so, this could be because you’re trying to persuade them to get their own fitness tracker at every opportunity.
Your own love of exercise and your trusty tracker is starting to annoy people, so it’s probably a good idea to ease off on the unpaid tracker sales pitches.

5. You’re waking through the night to check your tracker is working

Walking in dark and fog

Are you waking up through the night and checking that your tracker is tracking your sleep patterns? First of all, do you see the irony here?
This is a sure-fire sign that your love of your tracker has strayed into obsession territory. Perhaps you’re even setting an alarm at regular intervals through the night to check it. If you’re guilty of this, it’s probably time to get separate rooms!

6. You take taxis when you forget it

Taxi (Rikshaw)

Does the thought of walking anywhere without your steps being counted fill you with dread? Would you rather take a taxi or a bus if your tracker isn’t watching your every move? If so, you’re probably using it a little too much.

7. Your tracker is part of your outfits

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Are you picking your clothes to match your tracker? Do you find yourself worrying that your top is clashing with it? Treating your tracker as an essential item of clothing is definitely a sign of obsession. Do you have plenty of different jewelry wearables?
If you’re worried you are using your activity tracker too much, don’t! In case it’s keeping you fit, healthy and happy, it should go everywhere you go.
If you do know even more indicators that show overuse of fitness trackers please share these with us in the comment section below!