Best Fitness Tracker Comparison List 2016

If you would like be more active, sleep better and improve your overall health, a fitness tracker can help. Take a look at our best fitness tracker comparison list to find the activity tracker that suits you best!

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Whether you would like to keep track of your progress, monitor your health or just stay motivated. A fitness tracker will help you to achieve your goals! Just be sure that you get a fitnesstracker with all the functionality you really need.

There are so many fitness trackers on the market with even more functions. In the following list i will explain you the most important functions and features so you are able to make a good choice. And I hope it will help you to better understand the criterias in our fitness tracker comparison list above.

Fitness Tracker Comparison – Activity and Sports Tracking

Some devices on the market design that will track multiple activities. Other devices are designed for a single purpose. If you are not an athlete who would like to improve his sports skills in a specific area you will most likely go for a multsport smartwatch.

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Fitness Tracker for Swimming

Fitness trackers for Swimming require a superior waterproof rating. The device must be sealed very good and should have a waterproof rating of at least 1 ATM.

A good swimmer’s fitness band should at least have some key performance functions like a calories consumption counter, distance measurement, stroke count and a stroke rate sensor.
Moreover I would recommend you to use a gadget with included stop watch functionality! Furthermore you should take care if the device is designed for pool or open water.


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Fitnesstracker for CyclingIf you are a cyclist I would recommend you to get a activity tracker for cycling which has at least speed and distance tracking functionality. When you do your fitness tracker comparison take care that it has included GPS and maps if you are planing to do long trips in unknown areas.

Heart rate monitoring, pedal force measurement and altitude measurement are also nice features to have. Top devices are able to measure your cycling cadence and cycling efficiency.


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Woman trail running with microsoft band 2Fitness Trackers designed for running should include at least a stop watch and be leight weight. Additional features like heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking are also very useful. With GPS its more easier when you do trail-running.

Also nice is that many fitness apps make it possible for you to share your running route with your friends online.


[wpsm_titlebox title=”Activity Tracker for Golfing, Tennis, Football…” style=”3″]

If you are into golfing, tennis or football you should definitely look for a device which specifically is designed for that sports. Unfortunately, our activity tracker comparison table does currently not include special activities like golfing or tennis. If you are looking for those devices you  might take a look here at PCMag.


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Many devices already have a sleep tracker included. Just wear your smart band while you sleep and it will monitor your movements. Some of the devices are also able to show you a detailed insight into your sleep phases.


Health Monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring

For all sports activities a heart rate monitor is recommended. Nevertheless heart rate monitoring makes the device more expensive so you should also take the price into your consideration.

Calories Counting

Everyone who would like to lose weight should definately invest in a tracker that is able to count your consumed calories.

Wear Comfort and Usability

Device Weight and Band Comfort

Also compare the weight and the band comfort before you make your decision. Having a lightweight gadget is much more comfortable. Also the band should be made out of high quality materials to avoid skin irritations.

Display Quality

Smart watches comparison

Display size, brightness and contrast are also important factors. Some displays are hard to read when the sun is very bright. When comparing devices you should look for a display with high contrast and also a high resolution.

Overall Tracking Statistics

Step Counting

All trackers that we know include step counting. Many also count the number of stairs you take throughout the day.

Distance Counting

Some smart wearables calculate the distance travelled out of the number of steps you have taken. This is why you have to enter your body size. Other wearables that have GPS sensors inside will be able to calculate the distance with the GPS information.

GPS and Maps functionality

Most of the times GPS and maps functionality is not a must but a nice to have. Whenever you can afford a device with GPS and downloadable maps we recommend you to get it. It just makes more fun and you will never get lost anymore!


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