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Despite that many people are still against the use of a GPS tracker for kids protection, the trend of smart parenting using GPS trackers keeps growing.

Kids GPS Tracker - Amber Alert
Amber Alert GPS Tracker

Detractors consider the utilization of a GPS tracker for kids a sort of an intrusion, or invasion of their privacy. Especially when using them to keep tabs on older children and adolescents.

However, there are facts that we cannot deny: Thousands of children go missing, they literally disappear.Much more get lost when they start going places on their own; others go missing from parents sight in public places such as crowded events.

Much more get lost when they start going places on their own; others go missing from parents sight in public places such as crowded events.

Smart GPS tracker for kids can avoid such fatalities and frightening moments.

Yepzon One GPS Tracker for Pets Dogs Cats Children Seniors Vehicles Cars...
Yepzon One
Yepzon One GPS Tracker for Pets Dogs Cats Children Seniors Vehicles Cars...
Yepzon One

A GPS Tracker allows the parents to see the exact location of their kids on virtual maps. Instantly. In our opinion it makes sense taking advantage of the new technology to ensure our children’s protection. Furthermore, children that like to discover new areas can gain more independence than before with these wearable gadgets.

GPS Tracker for Kids Playing

A GPS Tracker allows the parents to see the exact location of their kids on virtual maps. Instantly.

In our opinion it makes sense taking advantage of the new technology to ensure our children’s protection.

Furthermore, children that like to discover new areas can gain more independence than before with these wearable gadgets.

Technology inside the Child Trackers

Some GPS tracker for kids provide geofencing technology which alarms you when you child moves into or out of a predefined area.

There are also GPS trackers that enable the kids to send a “panic” alert, which makes the kids feel secure, mainly on their first attempts to gain independence of movement. Some devices also have a water alert feature which sends you an alarm as soon as your child is submerged under water or provide simple phone calling functions.

As you will see range of GPS trackers variety is wide. Depending on the age of your kids, the features you seek to count on, and the functions, you can select the best GPS tracker for kids and adhere to the smart parenting trend. Finally let’s overview the most promising ones.

Best GPS Tracker for Kids

The PocketFinder GPS

The PocketFinder GPS will track your kids’ activities on any iOS or Android mobile device, or on any computer through their web portal. It works with a free to download app, and the services plan cover North America-based customers, and several countries throughout the world.

Because the device is so small it can easily fit into a pants pocke. Moreover the small plastic device weighs only 1.3 ounces, and its Lithium battery offers up to 240 standby hours.

The PocketFinder GPS has several monitoring features. Besides satellite GPS location tracking, the application allows SMS alerts and unlimited emergency contact numbers.

To keep tabs on your kids, you can set up determined places and get push notification each time your kids arrive or leave those places. For parents with adolescents, it gives a much useful feature “Speed Alerts”, which will indicate parents if their teens exceed allowed speed velocity.

PocketFinder+ 3G GPS/Wi-Fi/Cell ID - Child & Senior, Personal Tracker with SOS...
  • See tracker location, direction, heading & 60 day history on smartphone app or web browser
  • Advanced locating technology for indoor and outdoor tracking with as fast as 10 second updates
  • Alerts sent via email, SMS and push notification when tracker enters or exits a zone, low battery or SOS button press

Vectu On-demand Personal GPS Locator

The advantage of the Vectu On-demand GPS tracker for kids is that it uses GPS and GSM networks. So it works almost everywhere. The signal is traced through a smartphone app or through the myAspenta website. The SIM card comes included, all it needs is GSM (2G) reception to work. Thus it can be world widely used (excluding Japan and South and North Korea).

Many users utilize it not only to keep track of the exact location of their children but also their personal belongings, such as briefcases, laptops or luggage. The worldwide coverage is free of roaming charges, and the first year of the service’s fees are included.

Besides GPS tracking, the Vectu offers also a geofencing function. So you are able to configure alert places. Once configured the Vectu GPS Locator will notify you when your kid enters or leaves that area.

Moreover it comes with an emergency button that sends instant alerts. Instant SMS, Email and Push notifications are enabled, and up to 4 additional contacts can be added to receive them. The rechargeable battery can last up to 5 days with the device powered on. The usage of the locate or help features may diminish its life.

The Yepzon One

GPS Tracker for Kids - Yepzon One

The Yepzon One is a very easy tiny wearable your kids can use as a pendant, attached to a backpack or in a small pocket. It looks just like an accessory. The GPS locator works wherever there is a GSM network. It sends the coordinates of your child’s whereabouts as SMS, it has no distance limitations and can keep track of the location every 10 seconds.

Moreover it has an unrivaled battery life of up to weeks or even months. When the user is resting, the locator is asleep, and only starts working when it notices movement. This is what allows such an unbeatable battery duration. By the way, the Yepzon will indicate you when the battery needs to be recharged.

The tracking application is free to download, and currently the price of the devices includes one month of data usage for free.

Yepzon One GPS Tracker for Pets Dogs Cats Children Seniors Vehicles Cars...
  • FOLLOW A MOVING TARGET - Yepzon tracks the location every 10 seconds when needed.
  • EASY TO USE YEPZON APP - Yepzon app works with any mobile device and requires no passwords and no registrations. You can...
  • DATA SECURITY - Yepzon does not collect any personal data. You can share the locator’s user rights only to the people...

Kudolo Kids Smart Watch

Kids love this colorful GPS tracker since it looks just like any child wristwatch: It has an eye-catching cheerful appearance and is comfortable to wear. With the Kudolo, kids can make or receive calls with up to ten predetermined numbers. Calling to and from those numbers is unlimited. Parents, on the other side, can view the location information, configure alerts and send text messages to their kids.

It is compatible with iOS and Android, and needs a Micro SIM card to function. The only inconvenience you may encounter in the KUDOLO is that it has to be charged once a day to ensure its proper functioning.

Amber Alert GPS Locator

Kids GPS Tracker - Amber Alert

The Amber Alert is a GPS tracker for kids that is also a communications device since it supports two-way calling. The small plastic GPS sends instant alerts when kids enter or exit predetermined places, when they exceed speed limits, and when registered predators are nearby.

It connects to iPhone or Android mobiles through an app and enables several adults to get the kid’s alerts simultaneously. Finally the battery has a long life of up to 40 hours.

FiLIP 2 Smart Locator

The FiLIP 2 is another colorful smartwatch that besides displaying time and date works as a GPS locator. It sends safe zone alerts, text messages and even allows making and receiving phone calls from up to 5 preset numbers.

Therefore battery has to be charged between 4 to 6 hours to grant its proper functioning. Having done that, the battery will last a whole day though the configuration and usage of the FiLIP may affect the duration. In addition, deactivating the automatic localization updates saves battery life.


HereO - GPS Smartwatch for kids

The hereO watch is a GPS tracker for kids that is designed specifically for your little one. Vibrant colors gracefully combined in a comfortable to wear wristwatch of just 1.4 ounces s weights. Noteworthy it is water resistant, and the battery lasts up to 60 hours.

Among its monitoring features, the hereo provides safe-zone entrance and exit notifications. Some noteable features are the location history, school attendance logs, panic alerts, single click messages to family members. Each smart watch comes with a built-in SIM card that functions in over 120 countries.

Omate Wherecom K3

Omate GPS Tracker for Kids

The Omate Wherecom combines the best of a 3G Android 5.1 standalone smartwatch with GPS tracking tech. A vivid polycarbonate case with removable straps gives an attractive frame to the 1.54″ color display. The 600mAh battery features a reserve, and among the functions and technologies the Omate offer are: Location SOS button, kid-friendly pre-installed apps, alarm, music, gallery, pedometer, touch screen, restricted phone calls, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, and multimedia player. Of course it requires a 3G SIM card.


Tinitell Wearable GPS Phone

The Tinitell app connects it with the parents’ phones who can manage contacts lists and settings.  Using GPS, it tracks the location of the Tinitell on a virtual map. This waterproof wrist phone for kids comes in durable materials of livid colors. It works with any micro-SIM from any 2G network operator. Easy and fast, a simple tap allows making or receiving calls.


One of the most cost effective solutions is this smart wristband called “MyBuddyTag“. Because it works with bluetooth and not GPS it does not need a SIM card. Moreover the MyBuddyTag app is free to download so there are no recurring costs for you. It sends an alarm when your kids are out of your proximity.

An additional water alert safety feature will send an alarm when it has been submerged in water for 10 seconds or more. These easy to wear soft wristbands are suitable even for small kids.

My Buddy Tag with Silicone Wristband, Blue
  • Buddy Tag alerts you when your child is out of your proximity, and the proximity setting is adjustable
  • Buddy Tag alerts you when submerged in water to help prevent accidental drowning
  • Panic Button on Buddy Tag allows your child to alert you when in need of your help


Made of water and dust resistance silicone, this affordable smart band comes with a battery with almost a year of autonomy before needing to be recharged. The Lineable locates and tracks your kid using an innovative Crowdsourcing GPS technology.

Queclink GL300

The GL300 is a good choice if you would like to track people. It is designed for real-time tracking over the internet and has a battery life of 2 weeks. Geofencing, alert messages and data storage is included in a $25 monthly fee.

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker. XW Series
  • GPS Tracker for vehicles, people, assets. New version of the famous GL300. As a welcome, Americaloc will add 2 extra...
  • Why this one and not other version. This is the longest battery life version with extended multicarrier coverage. No...
  • Alerts: movement,parked, speeding, device on/off, low battery, entering or leaving zones, front button pressed.Battery...

LG GizmoPal 2

A colorful bendable wristband that possesses 3 LED indicators of call status, battery status and signal strength. The battery usage time is up to 2.5 hours and while in standby mode it is up to 9 days. It provides real-time tracking, two-way calling, voice clock, and voice prompts. The LG GizmoPal 2 works with Verizon carrier and the app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


The SUNLUXY is a smart GPS tracker for kids compatible with most smartphones, that comes with a built-in 400mAh polymer battery, and has a standby time of 50 hours. This lovely looking silicon bracelet supports both normal and micro sim cards with GSM Network.

Especially relevant is that the Sunluxy watch or bracelet has real GPS tracking function which provides precise satellite localization (within 10 meters). You can save up to 4 contact numbers. When your kid sends out an SOS call, the device will call each contact until anyone of them will answer.