Best posture trainer to correct bad posture

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In this article I recommend you to consider a posture trainer because a poor posture causes back pain and makes you look old and fat. Maybe you already have a weight lifting tracker and do workouts to strengthen your back muscles. Moreover you also know some good posture exercises for the office.

But most of the time you are sloughing and your spine is contorted in an unnatural position because you just simply forget to sit upright. And no matter what you try you still do not have a perfect posture?

Now take a look at this awesome new technology that is able to track, train and even correct you posture.

UPRIGHT Posture Trainer

UPRIGHT call their device a “trainable” and in fact it is a real smart wearable that trains your posture.

How does UPRIGHT work?

Wear your UPRIGHT between 5 minutes to an hour a day to fix your bad posture. UPRIGHT gives you immediate feedback because it detects automatically when you’re slouching.

Once the smart wearable posture trainer detects your slouching it will vibrate until you sit upright again.

Upright Posture Trainer

How to wear the UPRIGHT?

Wearing your UPRRIGHT posture trainer is easy. Just attach your UPRIGHT to your upper or lower back. Use therefore one of the hypoallergenic adhesives.

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The posture sensor can be worn comfortably under your clothes. So nobody will notice that you are wearing an electronic device.

Check also out UPRIGHTS award winning Video (“Best Technology Online Video 2015” by IAC)

Technical features

Because of its low weight (25 grams) you will barely notice it. Inside the posture trainer has an accelerometer and a strain gauge to measure your posture. It automatically syncs via Bluetooth Low Energy with your iOS and Android smartphone. With its small rechargeable Li-ion batteries UPRIGHT will last more than 8 working hours.

Lumo Lift Posture Coach

The Lumo Lift is also a posture coach that helps you to improve your posture. It is the successor of the Lumo Back tracker.

Man with Lumo Lift

How does the Lumo Lift work?

Attach the Lumo Lift and set your target posture. When you are slouching the Lumo Lift will detect your bad posture and will vibrate gently. Your progress will be tracked over time.

Moreover the Lumo Lift is not only a posture coach but will also track your activity, your steps and the amount of calories you burn throughout the day.

How to wear the Lumo Lift?

Wear the Lumo posture trainer as a jewelry or hidden under your clothes. Attach the magnetic clasp to your shirt on your upper body near your collarbone and it will notice you when you are not sitting upright.

Technical features

With its 11.5 grams the Lumo Lift is even lighter than the UPRIGHT posture trainer and a single battery charge will last as long as 2-3 days. Data syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device.

Lumo Lift - posture coach device

To sum it up, similar to the UPRIGHT posture trainer, the Lumo Lift improves your posture, reduces stress and helps you to be more productive and healthy. Additionally, a good and healthy posture makes you feel more confident.


The iPosture is an innovative device developed by doctors to enhance your posture. The device continuously measures the angle of your upper back and vibrates when you are slouching.

Woman wearing iPosture

BetterBack back posture belt

An alternative to the electronic devices above to correct your posture is the BetterBack posture belt. BetterBack was funded on Indiegogo and is one of the most selling back posture belts online.

To use it just wrap the BetterBack belt around your back and slip into the knee pads. After that, pull on the straps to tighten them. It is a easy solution and it works with every chair. So you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive chairs.

Woman with BetterBack posture belt