13 Best wearables and gadgets for golfing

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Leaving professional golfers aside, golf is one of the preferred sports among business folks. Why? Because they can exercise, relieve their minds from stress, and share some time with friends, colleagues, partners or competitors, talking about life and about, yes, business. Read more about golf and business at the economist.

Regardless of enjoying a good time and pleasant conversations, businesspeople and golfers are highly competitive, and counting on the best tools and strategies – and discreetly showing off- is one peculiarity that most of them share. That applies to business field and golf, and for both, following the latest trends is crucial. And precisely, one of the fanciest trends are smart wearables. We are certainly not overlooking the immense aid that golfing wearables can be, especially when it comes to analyzing the current performance towards setting goals for improvement.

Find out the 13 best and preferred golf wearables that can help you improve your game and your swing while knocking shots off your handicap:


Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Golf 2 is a small sensor that goes attached to the glove. This motion-sensor is a training system that helps to analyze and improve golfing techniques. You need to download the app, pair it up, and your smartphone will receive an attractive bunch of swing data. It tracks hip movements, hands´speed and many more performing data which you can later review looking at visual charts to see where you did wrong, and even to compare your shots with professional´s swings. Another fascinating feature is the 3D view, which allows watching and replying your swings from any angle.

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Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

The GameGolf is a multi-part wearable system: It includes a sensor that has to be clipped onto your belt and sensors that have to be mounted on top of your club. It tracks all the data during a swing, including speed, quality, your location on the course, etc. You can check all the logged data using the mobile app, which comes both for Android and iOS mobiles.

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Arccos Golf Driver GPS Sensor

The Arccos records each shot and saves them to the could. Through its potent sensors, it automatically tracks and analyzes all your relevant data.

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Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer

In Swingbyte, you will find a convenient, lightweight swing analyzer that regardless of not providing the broad range of metrics that other analyzers do, it provides you sufficient information to understand and improve your swing. Some features that are important are the history and compare swings option; Great tool to determine if you are advancing on your swings. Besides, it also provides a timely putter analysis.

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Garmin Approach S6 GPS

The Garmin Approach S6 comes with built-in mapping for 40,000 worldwide courses. Its color screen displays a top to down view of the hole and shows yardage too. With the stats analysis Garmin Connect and the swing information that the S6 provides, it can be a useful aid to improve your swing and performance.

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TomTom Golfer

The first version of the TomTom Golfer offered a 168 x 144 screen, with course graphics and a view mode that allowed checking the flag´s position. With a discreet monochrome screen, this GPS golf watch records scores, measures distance and tracks the burned calories. The TomTom 2 version holds an attractive pack of additional tracking and shot recognition features.

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PIQ Golf Sensor GPS Shot Tracker + Swing Analysis + Golf GPS/Rangefinder

PIQ combines a GPS range finder, a swinger analyzer, and a shot tracker within a single device. Attach it to your glove, pair it with the sensors on the butt end of the grips and it will indicate you the yardages of the green on an LCD display on the glove. It transmits your swing analysis data to your smartphone, providing instant swing feedback.

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The AimingPro

The AimingPro allows golfers to have perfect shots. This golf aiming device aligns the golfer´s position with the target, using motion sensors and rotation algorithm technology. The AimingPro is small and easy to wear; it´s just a small device you can clip on your belt. You simply need to press its only button to activate it.

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SkyGolf GameTracker

The SkyGolf consists of a wearable sensor, 15 SmartTags for your clubs, and a companion mobile app. The sensor is a solid and precise GPS. It takes keeps track of your game, serves as a rangefinder, and provides statistics, information about the green, distances from the course, and an HD overview of the hole, among others.

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Blast Motion Golf

The Blast Motion device easily attaches to almost all standard putters and drivers, and it powers up motion detection algorithms automatically, which grants never missing anything. It captures all relevant swing data, including swing tempo, speed, and blast factor. It captures 3D metrics in real time and allows you to see the different metrics in slow motion, for a more detailed analysis.

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Garmin TruSwing

It is Garmin´s first golf sensor accessory. Although being tiny and lightweight, it provides an excellent variety of metrics, such as speed, swing tempo, club path measurements, critical club angles, and much more. You can check the swing parameters through any of the compatible Approach watches. You have no need to carry your smartphone to take advantage of the sensor.

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Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder

The laser rangefinder Bushnell Tour V3 maintains the same range performance (5 to 1000 yards), accuracy (within 1 yard), and magnification (5x), than its predecessor, the V2. It introduces the Jolt tech, which gives a quick burst of vibrations to indicate that it has locked onto a target. When the laser is fired, the distances will be intermittently updated as you pan across objects. The Bushnell Tour V3, with its ergonomic design and the award-winning PinSeeker with Jolt Technology, appears to be a complete rangefinder with a thoroughly thought design. It fits in the palm of the hand and offers high performance.

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Steadihead Putting Golf

The Steadihead is great to improve your putting skills. It projects a laser beam onto the ball, and in the direction of the ball´s roll, creating a view to guiding the player with accuracy. It basically helps you align your eyes over the ball and see the actual line of the putt. It is useful to train golfers to focus right on the shot, and to stay still during action.

You can see that the range of options and features when it comes to smart wearables for golfing is quite ample, covering the needs of both beginners and expert golfers.

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  1. Very impressed by a new device I was recently bought, called the FX-Sport VC Golf. They are described as the first “psychological coaching device for golf”. Basically headphones with 8gb of memory, capable of playing music, but hold hours of practice drills, podcasts, workouts etc, from prominent coaches. It’s a little addictive actually, as the content is very good and I have drastically improved not only my practice methods, but also better understand how to focus. I especially found my pre-shot routine has improved.
    Their website is here: http://www.fx-sport.net/product/products/vc-golf/

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