6 Best Weight Lifting Tracker for the Gym

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Whether you are a veteran weight lifter or someone who has just started to lift, the advantages of a weight lifting tracker are significant.

There are many weight lifting mobile phone apps out there. In this article we will show you which fitness tracker for weight lifting are on our top list.

Bring some discipline into your regime with one of these trackers, and you will quickly see the results. Fitness trackers for weight lifting is one piece of tech you should seriously look into.

A weight lifting fitness tracker helps to simplify your workouts!

What can a weight lifting tracker do for you?

Weight lifting woman
Woman doing bench press

It all depends on what you want! Tasks that a weight lifting tracker can do as you lift include: Counting how many reps you have done, keeping track of calories you have burned, and reminding you of your weight lifting schedule. More advanced ones will keep track of vital data such as your heart rate, so you can keep track of your recovery time.

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Most devices will support you at:

  • Reps counting
  • Calories counting
  • Weight lifting schedule planning
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Recovery time tracking

Think of a weight lifting tracker as a calendar, fitness coach and statistician rolled into one. Most of the weight lifting fitness trackers that are out there are multi-purpose, so they will perform several different tasks at once.

Some of them also offer handy tips which are designed to ensure that you do not overdo it on a particular exercise and also do not neglect important types of workout.

For instance, you can get a tracker that will notice when you have skipped your cardio workout this week. Thus it will send you a reminder.

Or, your tracker might give you a warning that you have been doing a lot of bicep curls recently. So it will notice you that you need to give your biceps a rest in your next session so as to make sure not to over strain them.

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Using smart technology to streamline your workout

Studies have shown that people who listen to music whilst working out generally perform much better than people who don’t.

Music distracts us from pain, helps us keep to a rhythm as we exercise, and also stops workouts from getting boring. But how can you lose yourself in the music when you concentrate on counting reps?

With a fitness tracker for weight lifting you do not have to worry: Just push yourself to your limit and let the technology take the strain. Thus ideally it will count itself how many curls or lifts you have managed.

This is just one of the ways that a weight lifting fitness tracker can free up your mind and stop you having that niggling feeling that can come from multitasking. Instead, you can streamline your workout and get your head in the zone throughout the entire session!

Best weight lifting trackers

If the above has inspired you to check out some weight lifting wearables, then check out some of the brands available below. These trackers can be worn on the belt, attached to the chest, or worn around the wrist. Some of them even look like sleek, subtle jewelry so you can work out in style.

Atlas Wristband 2

Atlas Wristband 2: Digital Trainer + Heart Rate Band
  • Reach your goals faster with science backed guidance for all of your exercises
  • Lose the chest strap and maximize training with validated wrist-based heart rate monitoring
  • Adaptive Motion Tracking technology auto-detects every exercise and repetition
athlete works out with medicine ball and fitness tracker for weight lifting
Medicine ball workout with Atlas Wristband 2

The Atlas Wristband 2 is developed by Atlas Wearables, an innovative startup based in Austin, Texas. The Atlas Wristband automatically logs your exercises, counts the number of your reps and calculates the calories you burned during your workout.

Atlas Wristband 2 automatically logs your exercises

This is possble through the smart sensors inside (3-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope). Furthermore the Atlas Wristband offers real time heart rate monitoring and is waterproof up to 30 meters (3 ATM).

Atlas wristband 2 - weight lifting tracker
Wristband 2 wearable and app

With the additional Atlas App on your smartphone you are able to browse existing workouts or just create your own new workout plans.

This fitness tracker helps you to stay focused on your workouts. Thanks to the integrated fitness guide the Atlas Wristband 2 will vibrate when you reach your target rep count. Moreover will vibrate again when its time to do your next rep.


Athlete training with Gymwatch

German quality engineering and tracking features combined in a watch. The Gymwatch success story began back in 2014 with the successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

The patented Gymwatch sensor tracks your motion and strength in real time and helps you to perform your exercise correctly.

Each Gymwatch includes sophisticated electronics including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to track your strength and motion on different machines, with free weights and also with your body weight.

Gymwatch Weight Lifting Training System
Gymwatch tracker, band and online portal

Because of the innovative design of the weight lifting tracker it can be worn on different body segments to track all your exercises. You could consider to get a second sensor because it is possible to use them simultaneously. Thus you don’t have to switch positions of the sensor for different types of exercises.

Skulpt Chisel

The Skulpt Scanner. Measures Body Fat Percentage, Identifies Muscle Strengths...
  • WORLD’S ONLY DEVICE to accurately measure Muscle Quality on up to 24 different muscle groups, identify muscle...
  • TRAIN SMARTER: know what to work on, perform better, eliminate weaknesses and reduce injury risk
  • PREFERRED MUSCLE FITNESS TRACKER and training device of athletes participating in a variety of sports such as crossfit...
Musculous man putting skulpt chisel on stomach muscle
Musculous man putting skulpt chisel on stomach muscle

The Skulpt Chisel measures your muscle quality and body fat percentage on the go.

Being even lighter than its predecessor (see Skulpt Aim) the Skulpt Chisel is easy and fast to use. Just spray the sensors with water, hold the Chisel to your muscle and you will instantly receive information about your muscle quality on your mobile phone app.

The measurement scan is done by 12 sensors that will send a very little current through your muscle. Smart algorithms calculate your muscles’ current condition in seconds.

Skulpt Chisel - back and front view
Skulpt Chisel – 12 sensors measure your muscle quality

Moreover Skulpt’s newest muscle monitor comes without a screen which you actually won’t need when you own a smartphone. Thus the Skulpt Chisel will have less power consumption and a longer battery life.

Providing you the technology the Skulpt Chisel will help you to identify muscle regions that you had neglected in the past. Utilizing this tool will help you to achieve a more balanced physique.

The Beast Sensor

Strong man with beast sensor lifting weights
Weight lifting with the Beast Sensor

Unleash the beast with the Beast Sensor, which is definitely a fitness tracker for weight lifting you should take a deeper look at.

The technology inside consists of a 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and compass sensor. With a battery charge of 8 hours it will never run out of power during your workouts. The beast streams real time data to your smartphone and you are able to analyze your data easily during your workout rest time.

Man using the beast phone app for statistics
Beast app with detailed statistics

[wpsm_quote author=”Fitnesstracker24.com” float=”none” width=”100″]Optimize your training with the Beast Sensor![/wpsm_quote]

Beast is a sensor that uses Velocity Based Training (mostly known as VBT) to auto regulate your workouts. By measuring the speed of each lift you will be able to select and adapt your daily load and reps combination and finally optimize your training cycle based on what you would like to accomplish.

The tracker helps you customize weights, reps and sets to perform in order to increase your specific Strength.

Choose your training goal like “Hypertrophy”, “Power” and “Max Strength”.

The App will guide you on the path to develop your muscles and the Athletic skills like increasing your Maximum Strength vertical elevation or the ability to accelerate and outrun your opponents.

As a coach you will get real time feedback on your phone or tablet and you can analyze and optimize your athlete’s workouts.

 PUSH Band

Squats Training with Push Band
Squats Training with Push Band

Push offers scientifically-validated and actionable metrics that will help you to improve your training.

With its integrated accelerometer and gyroscope the Push band measures three main key performance indicators. These three key metrics which are “Power”, “Velocity” and “Work” have scientifically been proven to be excellent predictors of athletic performance.

Another good feature is that you are able to compete with your friends. Take a look at the leaderbord in the Push portal and you know who is currently doing best at bench press. As the guys at bodybuilding.com state here, competing with your friends is one of the top 20 methods to stay motivated.

Because there are more than 250 different exercises stored in the push database it is possible to rely on the automatic tracking system of the Push band.

Push Band for weight lifting
Push Band for weight lifting

Dead lift, bicep curl, push ups and lat pull down are only 4 exercises to be mentioned out of the exercise pool, that allow automatic tracking.

Moreover the Push Team System allows coaches to keep track of the performance of each single athlete. In connection with the Push online portal it also provides a complete remote tracking and data analysis portal.

[wpsm_quote author=”Push” float=”left” width=”100%”]You Can’t improve what you don’t measure![/wpsm_quote]

Some of the world’s most renowned teams in the NFL, NHL, and NBA have been using the push technology successful over the past year.


Another weight lifting sensor to mention is the Athos. Athos is a smart wearable technology that is seamlessly integrated directly into your workout fabric. Over 20 small sensors measure your physical activity and heart rate.


Disciplining yourself with a wearable

As many of us know, one of the hardest parts about lifting regularly can be the discipline involved. Sometimes the bed just looks too tempting, or you are feeling a little hungover, or you simply want to go out for a few drinks instead of hitting the dumbbells.

But, at the same time, we all know how great it feels to have finished that workout, to radiate health and strength and to know that you have followed through with the promise you made to yourself to exercise x number of times in a week.

A weight lifting tracker is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. Having electronic reminders that you need to lift today, or that you need to work on your biceps tomorrow, is sometimes all that you need to keep weight lifting a firm part of your routine.

And, for the competitive among you, there is nothing better like scrolling back through the weight lifting statistics on your fitness tracker. Because of that you will see the number of reps that you have been increasing month by month or that you have been great at keeping to your weekly weight lifting regime.

The smart wearables trend

Going back to its definition: A “fitness wearable” is any device that you wear on your body that helps you to achieve your fitness goals (or relates to fitness in any way).

For instance, have you seen those small detectors (e.g. the Fitbit One) that you can wear on your belt as you run or walk – and which tell you how many paces you have done in a given session? This is a prime example of a fitness wearable.

Weight lifting fitness trackers are so easy to use!

There are helpful things that you can get a weight lifting fitness tracker to do, and there are good brands of these weight lifting wearables on the market. Rumors out there say that even apple is going to develop a weightlifting watch.

So far there are already some devices out there and it will hopefully be easy to find the right wearable for you.