9 Fitness Tracker Tips to Conquer Your Fitness Goals

So you’ve finally made the big decision and bought a new fitness tracker. Maybe it’s the new year or you’re just ready for a new you. You’re going to take your health and your fitness serious! But you know that time is tight these days so you have to make sure that your workouts are … Read more

7 signs you are using your activity tracker too much

An activity tracker can help you to stay informed, motivated and engaged when you’re pursuing any sort of fitness regime.   The “quantified self” movement is all around us. But there are times when tracking too much can take over a person’s life. You are wondering if you or your friend is using the activity … Read more

MIT Unveils Smart Tattoo: DuoSkin is an On-skin User Interface

DuoSkin capacitive touch slider made from gold and silver leaf. (Photo: Jimmy Day)

Scientists at the MIT Media Lab partnering with the Microsoft Research Centre recently created smart tattoos called DuoSkin. DuoSkin is an on-skin wearable user interface that looks like a real decorative tattoo. In fact DuoSkin temporarily transforms your skin into an input touchpad, an output display or even a data storage. Just imagine how natural … Read more

How VR Glasses Will Change Our Lives

Virtual Reality Glasses

If we compared our lives with our grandparent’s, the most impressive changes are those that technology brought. From health to traveling, from communications to automation, from the way we shop, to entertainment and socialization. Countless technological advances have changed the way we live, work, and interact with the world. One of the latest inventions that … Read more

Microsoft Band 2 – Release Date & Price unveiled

Microsoft band 2 Release Image

Microsoft announced the release date of Microsoft Band 2, which is a new version of Microsofts popular fitness tracker. The Microsoft Band 2 has additional smartwatch functionality. The design is a little bit similar to the Samsung Gear Fit. The display of the Microsoft Band 2 is a curved AMOLED display with 320 x 128 … Read more

How do Fitness Trackers work?

Basis Peak sensor

Many fitness trackers have several electronic sensors inside. These sensors are necessary to track the gadget’s environment and the wearer’s fitness. But how do fitness trackers work? How do fitness trackers measure calories? For a complete energy balance calculation you have to consider the calories consumed and compare it with the calories burned. How do … Read more

Ultimate Comparison of Dog Tracking Chip Devices

Dog Tracking Device

FitBark is a crazy brand new dog tracking chip for your dog’s collar. The FitBark activity tracker makes it way easier to track your dog’s health, explain changes in activity and share happy moments with your friends. The FitBark company did a Kickstarter campaign last year which helped to raise initial funding. More than 75000 … Read more

10 reasons why to use a Fitness Tracker!


Activity trackers are ideal for any minor or major fitness goal. This includes training for a triathlon, losing weight and keeping fit. A fitness tracker acts like a personal trainer that you carry around.

The best way to ensure that your fitness goals are fulfilled is through tracking your daily activities and measuring your performance constantly. It is a great device for newbies in the health and fitness sector and people who do not exercise regularly.

Read now exclusively on fitnesstracker24.com all 10 reasons why it rocks to use a fitness tracker!

Which Fitness Tracker is Best for you?

Image of different Smartbands

What can a Fitness Tracker do for me? More and more people today are choosing a Fitness Tracker to help them achieve their goals, whether it’s losing weight, training for an event or simply staying fit and healthy on a day to day basis. So, what exactly are fitness tracking devices, and what can they … Read more