Ultimate Comparison of Dog Tracking Chip Devices

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FitBark is a crazy brand new dog tracking chip for your dog’s collar. The FitBark activity tracker makes it way easier to track your dog’s health, explain changes in activity and share happy moments with your friends.

The FitBark company did a Kickstarter campaign last year which helped to raise initial funding. More than 75000 $ where collected and this was the big start for the new company.

How Does The Dog Tracking Device Work?

Technically similar to fitness trackers for humans the the FitBark fitness tracking bone consists of a controller and an acceleration sensor which collect data and send it to your phone via Bluetooth 3.0. With FitBark you are able to measure your dog’s fitness for up to ten days with one single charge. With an realtime app on your phone you are always up to date on your pet’s activity.

Fitbark’s Dog Tracking Chip Functions

Smartphone App for Dogs
Fitbark App

FitBark is a Fun and very stylish device. Because FitBark will work 24/7 you never have to remove it. With FitBark you will be able to analyse when your dog’s play time, nap time and most active time is.

The FitBark App will measure your dog’s activity and you can compare it with the goals which you have set. With the FitBark App it is also possible to compare your dogs activity to others of the same breed. The so called BarkScore tells how good your dog is doing in overall.

Furthermore, the Fitbark App keeps you connected to your dog even when your not at work or in holiday. It helps you to see the world even more from your dog’s eyes.

What are the Benefits of the FitBark Dog Tracker?

This will FitBark do for you!

  • Record BarkScore
  • Monitor vital signs
  • Set fitness goals
  • Set up reminders
  • Analyse activity history

What FitBark can’t do for you!

  • GPS tracking (they say it would have made the bone too heavy)
  • Feed your dog – you still gotta do this
  • Warn passengers before your dog bites ’em – well this wouldn’t have helped anyways 😉

Alternatives to FitBark

But FitBark is not the only fitness tracker chip for dogs! I’ve found a bunch of even more dog trackers on the net:


There is also a dog tracker called “Voyce”.

Main Features:

  • Battery Life Up to 7 Days
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Respiratory Rate Monitoring
  • WiFi Access

Source: http://mydogsvoyce.com/

Dog Tracker Plus

Dog Tracker Plus is a complete electronic collar device which you can put around your dog’s neck.

Main Features of Dog Tracker Plus

  • GPS
  • Iphone & Android Apps
  • Waterproof
  • Live Tracking
  • 2-5 Days of Battery Life
  • Anti Theft Protection

Find more Information on the official Website: http://dogtrackerplus.co.uk/

Tagg Pet Tracker

Main Features of Tagg

  • GPS Position
  • Android & Iphone compatibility
  • Waterproof
  • Dog Temperature Tracking
  • Up to 10 Days of Batter Life

Find more Information on the official Website: http://www.pettracker.com/

Tractive Pet Tracker

Tractive does not only work for your dog but you can also add it to your cat’s collar.

Main Features of Tractive

  • GPS Position
  • Waterproof
  • Realtime Map and Dog Tracking
  • Battery LifeTime: 2-5 Days

Find more Information on the official Website: https://tractive.com