Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch

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Fitness tracking technology is continually evolving. Manufacturers are regularly coming up with new ways to deliver real-time health information to you efficiently and accurately. The Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch is a smartwatch that features cutting-edge technology that can track what is going on in your body during every hour of the day.

Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor Water Resistant...
  • Personal training experience: customize your running plan with first be at, receive real-time running guidance, and...
  • Heart rate monitoring: single measurements, all-day periodic background measurement, and real-time heart rate monitoring...
  • Multi-sport modes and 5ATM water-resistance: supports multiple forms of exercise, including walking, running, cycling,...

I know some days I need some extra motivation to get me through a long run, and the Huawei Fit Smart Fitness watch is capable of providing me an experience that is similar to having a personal trainer right there by my side.

With the Huawei Fit watch, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. This product has a chic appearance, yet is still able to track and interpret your heart rate throughout the day accurately.

With this watch, there is no more need for worrying about if you are overtraining or sitting too much—you will get alerts letting you know when it’s time to take it easy or to get up and move your feet.


The Huawei Fit is a waterproof, all-in-one sports activities tracker that promises to track daily physical activity, monitor your heart rate, track your sleep patterns, and sync with the call and messaging features of your smartphone.

The purchase of this watch comes with access to the health app that lets you track and monitor your daily physical activity and sleep patterns. Additional bands can be purchased to change up the look of the watch. The device is powered by a lithium polymer battery and comes with a charging dock and USB cord.

The Huawei Fit is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a fitness-tracking device while still maintaining a sophisticated level of style. For serious fitness lovers, this watch may not have some of the unique bells and whistles that some competitors have, but the aesthetically pleasing appearance makes up for that.

The style of this watch can be customized to suit any occasion or personal preference thanks to the interchangeable bands. The memory LCD touchscreen features a tough Corning Gorilla 3 glass, so you won’t worry about your watch shattering during one of your workouts.

Unlike some similar products on the market, the Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch has a screen that always stays lit. This capability allows you to use this product as a standard watch. Just look down at your wrist and immediately find out the time; there is no need to fumble around to press any small, inconveniently placed buttons.

This watch is also your perfect workout companion. You don’t have to worry about checking your phone during your workout because you’ll have the convenience of knowing who is calling or messaging you. The GPS linking capability also allows for the watch to sync up to your phone so that your route can be planned out and run stats are instantly tracked.

Even when you’re not working out, the Huawei Fit is still working. Your daily steps, walking distance, and calories burned will all get recorded. Even when you’re sleeping this watch is monitoring your REM stages. It’s nice to awaken to a full recap of the sleep you have just experienced.

The 5ATM waterproof feature also enables you to wear this watch just about anywhere. Rain, sweat, and big splashes of water are no enemy of the Huawei Fit. Thanks to the 5ATM technology, even freshwater swimming is supported. No more worrying about how your swimming workouts are going to get tracked.


  • The 5ATM water resistant technology provides pool-swimming support which allows for swimming workouts to get recorded in real-time. 5ATM also enables the watch to be sweat resistance, and there is no need to worry about your device getting wet during a myriad of weather conditions.
  • The smart notification capabilities that are part of the Huawei Fit are useful for all aspects of your day, not just your workouts. While at the office or running errands, rest assured that you are always updated with all incoming calls and messaging app notifications. The built-in alarm option creates gentle vibrations to alert you when your alarm goes off. There will be no more bothering others with the loud, annoying sound of an alarm clock.
  • Receive a personal training experience through the variety of running workout customizations and alerts that you can select. Create customizable running plans that take into consideration your desired distance, goals, and training frequencies. During your workout, receive real-time notifications alerting you to your heart rate, speed, and distance covered. After your run, check your cardio-respiratory fitness and recovery assessments by using the same VO2max assessment that is used by professionals.


  • The screen of the Huawei Fit is always on. While this is a beneficial feature during most parts of the day, it can be frustrating when you are in a location where illumination should be at a minimum, like when you are watching a movie in a cinema or are at the theater to watch a play. Some other devices offer a palm-over feature that turns the backlight off, but this not a function of the Huawei Fit.
  • If you receive multiple notifications at a time via phone calls or messages, the display screen of the Huawei Fit can appear messy and illegible. If one particular messaging app receives many notifications at a time, they will become grouped on the screen indicating how many messages you have gotten, but the screen does not provide convenience of displaying each notification individually.
  • The touchscreen can be difficult to use when working out if you have any sweat or water on your fingers. The screen can be rather picky and requires a great deal of precision when touched. When fingers are slippery from moisture, the screen often does not recognize that it has been touched which is frustrating at times.

Stylish Design and Optimal Comfort

One of the most attractive aspects of the Huawei Fit is the sleek design. Unlike some other products on the market, this smartwatch actually looks and feels like a typical wristwatch. The design incorporates well with any outfit. Whether you are decked out in workout gear or dressing in your best business attire for a big meeting, the Huawei Fit will look great with whatever you are wearing.

The design is minimal and sleek. The screen has an aluminum casing that is free from any annoying physical buttons that can so often be an eyesore. The watch is also extremely lightweight which makes it easy to wear during all times of the day and is not uncomfortable to have on during the night when you are sleeping.

The band of the watch can be swapped out and customized. There are a variety of colors to choose from that are desirable for both men and women. For example, the black band offers an understated, sophisticated look, whereas the orange band has a fun and sporty feel.

The always-on LCD touchscreen is customizable as well. The watch face can display time and notifications digitally, and it also can show a traditional watch-face display with hands for a more traditional and simplistic style.


One of the most useful features of the Huawei Fit is the heart rate monitoring tool. This smartwatch uses an optical PPG heart rate sensor that delivers an exceptional level of accuracy. The sensor flashes light against the skin, which allows it to detect blood volume. From that reading, the watch can interpret heart rate data.

The heart rate monitor has five heart rate ranges. The monitor will detect the warm-up, fat burning, aerobic, anaerobic, and extreme heart rate levels that you may reach within your workouts. Knowing intensity zones helps you determine whether you are doing fat burning or aerobic exercises. Determining where your heart rate is at means that you can ensure that you can create the most efficient workouts possible.

Overtraining is a critical thing for people who enjoy a hardcore sweat session to keep in mind. The Huawei Fit will alert you when you heart rate has reached a designated threshold by vibrating to let you know when it is time to slow down.

The heart rate monitor isn’t just tracking data during your workouts though. You can evaluate your health and know yourself better by monitoring the heart rate curve through all-day monitoring statistics.

Top Features and Specs

  • All-Day Monitoring: The Huawei Fit is a great gadget to have on during all times of the day because of its cross-functionality. Not only is it helpful to use the heart rate monitoring system to create more effective and efficient workouts, but it is also useful to track what your resting heart rate is at during all times of the day. You can follow improvements in your recovery time with this, and the watch will even let you know if you’ve been sitting around for too long and when you should get up and engage in some physical activity.
  • Comfortable Design: This watch is very light and comfortable. The design ensures comfort throughout your day regardless of the activities you are engaging in. You’ll hardly notice the device is there regardless of if you are interval training, running, swimming, reading a book, or sleeping.
  • Battery Life: As with any other smartwatch, battery life varies with usage, but generally, you can rely on the Huawei Fit to last for up to six days with normal usage. The long-lasting battery life makes the watch easy to travel with, and you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate throughout the day with minimal disturbances since the Huawei Fit doesn’t need to be taken off for charging very often.
  • Scientific Sleep Tracking: Many of us aren’t getting enough sleep, and we spend our nights tossing and turning restlessly in bed. The Huawei Fit records your sleep stages and even offers up personal advice that helps you to get a better night’s sleep. The Huawei Health dashboard stores your sleeping score and trends so that you can monitor this information and share it with a medical professional if needed. The TruSleep tracking technology used in this watch is even validated by a major teaching hospital of the Harvard Medical School.
  • Multi-Sports Modes: You can let the watch know what type of physical activity you are engaging in by selecting one of the sport mode options. Activities to choose from include running, biking, walking on a treadmill and swimming.
  • Smart Notifications: After syncing the watch up with your smartphone, the screen of the Huawei Fit alerts you when you have new calls, texts, and calendar events. The smart notification technology even tracks when you have received push-notifications from apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

What Customers are Saying

Customers love the way this product looks and feels. Users are raving about the many customizability options that are offered with the different bands. Many people think that the design of the Huawei Fit is superior to some other fitness tracking devices on the market because it closely resembles more traditional watches. It is a great benefit that you can wear this watch to the gym and at work while still keeping a professional look.

Most customers on Amazon have had spectacular things to say about this watch; most seem to have enjoyed their purchase. A few consumers have said, however, that the synching capability can get a little messed up at times. One Huawei Fit review has stated that the sleep tracking sometimes has difficulty syncing up with the Health app.

Although some people have had difficulty with the syncing capability of the Huawei Fit, most reviews don’t seem to complain about this issue, and customers are delighted that they finally have a smartwatch that is versatile enough to wear just about anywhere and for any occasion.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that has 24-hour tracking capabilities but don’t want to compromise on style, the Huawei Fit could be the right option for you.

The appearance of this watch is classy, yet understated, and the customizability of the bands is a great feature. The 5ATM water resistant technology gives you the peace of mind to know that your watch can safely stay on your wrist without worrying about what activities you are engaging in on that day.

With the Huawei Fit, you can go about your day and rest assured that you look great and are taking concrete and measurable steps in monitoring your health.

Huawei Fit Smart Fitness Watch Heart Rate and Sleep Monitor Water Resistant...
  • Personal training experience: customize your running plan with first be at, receive real-time running guidance, and...
  • Heart rate monitoring: single measurements, all-day periodic background measurement, and real-time heart rate monitoring...
  • Multi-sport modes and 5ATM water-resistance: supports multiple forms of exercise, including walking, running, cycling,...