Jawbone UP2 vs. UP3 vs. UP4

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You probably know Jawbone, a famous manufacturer of fashionable fitness wearables.
And maybe you would like to know which Jawbone works best? Great, then continue to read this Jawbone UP2 vs. UP3 vs. UP4 fitness tracker comparison to get a comprehensive overview.

So let’s start: What are the main differences between the devices?

Jawbone UP2 vs. UP3 vs. UP4 – Summary

To sum it up, all trackers provide basic functionality like for example step tracking, activity monitoring, sleep tracking and calories counting. None of them does have a display, but they do have a LED indicator light.

Both, the UP2 and the UP3 are available in multiple colors. Only the UP4 is currently limited to black and silver colors.

Jawbone UP2 vs. UP3 vs. UP4
Jawbone UP2 vs. UP3 vs. UP4

Of course, the Jawbone UP4 activity band does provide the most features. If you don’t need Jawbones mobile payment solution provided by the UP4, then the

If you don’t need Jawbones mobile payment solution provided by the UP4, then the UP3 is very likely your best choice. Compared to the UP2 the Jawbone UP3 provides more advanced sleep tracking functionality and additional heart rate monitoring.

In terms of battery life, there is not a big difference between all three devices. The battery of UP3 and UP4 will last around 7 days. One charge of the UP2 will last around 10 days because of the missing heart rate monitor.

Jawbone UP2

Let’s take a look at the technology of Jawbone UP2. When it was released, the Jawbone UP2 was setting new standards. With a current price of around $30 it is now very affordable and provides basic tracking functionality.

sports man wearing blue colored Jawbone UP2 on wrist
blue Jawbone UP2 on wrist

Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 – Main functions

  • Activity tracking
  • Step tracking
  • Basic sleep tracking & automatic sleep detection
  • Calories counter
  • Smart coach
  • Smart alarm & idle alert

The UP2 does include basic step tracking, sleep tracking, food logging and more.

The UP2 is more than a simple step tracker

The accelerometer and innovative software algorithms track your daily activities. The UP2 monitors your walking distance, calories burnt, active and idle times automatically during the whole day.

Throughout the night the accelerometer will measure your sleep quality automatically. Take a look at my comprehensive list of sleep trackers here.

Always stay connected: Another nice feature is that you can challenge your friends and share your activity with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Jawbone UP2 uses skin friendly materials

Because you will wear your activity tracker 24/7 hours, only quality materials should be allowed to get in contact with your skin. Thanks to the medical-grade rubber band of the UP2 you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions. I think this is important to mention, because there have been reports about other cheap trackers from a fast food chain that caused bad skin irritations.

Of course, the UP2 is rain and sweat resistant, but you should not wear it for swimming or showering because they should not be fully submerged. In case you are a swimmer check out my list of waterproof swim trackers.

Jawbone UP2 – more than a simple step tracker

UP2 – battery life

Because the UP2 does not have a display, its power consumption is very low. Thus a single charge will make the tracker last for up to 10 days. You have to wait around one and a half hour until the activity tracker is fully charged (via USB).

The UP2 got a facelift in 2015

Back in 2015, Jawbone released a new firmware for improved sleep tracking and redesigned the UP2 band to be more lightweight.

Jawbone updated the UP2 in 2015 with revised technology

That redesign is one of the reasons why the Jawbone UP2 can still compete with the UP3 and UP4.

Jawbone UP3

Jawbone lifestyle

The Jawbone UP3 is the direct successor of the Jawbone UP2. The UP3 includes all functionality of the UP2 and also has new additional features.

Jawbone UP3 – new features

  • Jawbone UP3Heart rate measurement
  • Advanced sleep tracking functionality

In addition, similar to the Fitbit Charge HR the Jawbone UP3 uses innovative impedance sensors to measure your heart rate. For example, your resting heart rate is measured before you wake up. Physicians know, the resting heart rate is quite a good metric for your current heart health.

Furthermore, this heart rate sensor is also used to measure your sleep quality (sleep phases) even more accurate than with the Jawbone UP2.

Jawbone UP3 – battery life

Because of the additional pulse and the advanced sleep tracking features the UP3 will consume a bit more energy. That higher demand of power leads to a little bit less battery life of up to 7 days (compared to 10 days with the UP2).

Jawbone UP4

Jawbone UP4

The UP4 is Jawbone’s direct follower of the Jawbone UP3. As you can imagine, it includes all functions the Jawbone UP3 provides and does a bit more.

Jawbone UP4 – new features

Moreover, the Jawbone UP4 works like a mobile payment device. Pair the UP4 with an Amercian Express Card, and make contactless payments with your fitness tracker.

woman paying with Jawbone UP4 band
Jawbone UP4 – contactless payment

So wearing the UP4 means, you don’t have to carry your wallet with you anymore. Go for a run in the park and quickly buy a fruit smoothie afterward.

Jawbone UP4 – battery life

The battery life of the UP4 is similar to the UP3. One battery charge will last around seven days.