Jawbone UP4 Review

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Because Jawbone has been shipping the UP4 already since 06/25/2015, time has come for a detailed Jawbone UP4 review.

Jawbone UP4 Review
Jawbone UP4

The development of the Jawbone UP4 was based on the experiences with the UP3 multi-sensor platform. The UP3 platform already included advanced heart, sleep and activity tracking.

In addition to the basic functions of the UP3, the Jawbone UP4 features the convenience of contactless payments.

Now, the Jawbone UP4 is a state of the art product which truly pays off. 😉

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Read on to find out which features make the Jawbone stand out even more from other fitness trackers. Then decide for yourself whether you want to invest in the UP4 – or maybe not.

Jawbone UP4 review – overview

The Jawbone UP4 is a chic and stylish fitness tracker that it is simple, casual and very easy to sync. Worn like a wristwatch, the tracker’s battery life is around one week, just a little under the average of 8 days for most fitness trackers.

I agree to the guys on PCMag UK, that the UP4 looks very similar to the UP3.

Its battery charges in 100 minutes, which is a bit shorter than the average charging time of 120 minutes.

Womanwith Jawbone UP4
Woman & Jawbone UP4

Because the UP4 does not have a screen display, LED lights serve as communication with the wearer. You are alerted of notifications and status updates by flashing LEDs.

This prevents you from staring into a screen daily, but on the downside, it isn’t the clearest method of communication.

How to Sync the Jawbone UP4

Mobile syncing can be achieved via Bluetooth 4.0. The UP4 syncs with your connected device of choice automatically, so there is no need to move your fitness data from one carrier to another.

Of course, the Jawbone is compatible with Android and iOS.

Jawbone UP4 review – main functions

Overall, the device is 220mm x 12.2mm x 3.0mm-9.3mm in size.

The tracker records activity or lack thereof, calorie intake and the number of calories burned, the distance covered, whether you are climbing stairs or doing steps on the stepper, your heart rate and even your mood!

It can tell you your quality of sleep, whether you were in REM sleep (the deepest and most healthy) or not. The measurement is based on your breathing and heart rate. Of course it also tells you your sleep time.

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Among its more unusual features are the barcode scanner, the possibility to set goals, reminders, reports, social integration and syncing.

Pay your restaurant bill with the UP4

As noted above, there is plenty you can do to improve your life with a wearable. For example, you use trackers to connect with other services and devices. You even can control things like your car and the thermostat in your home.

woman paying with Jawbone UP4 band
Jawbone UP4 – contactless payment

The Jawbone UP4 takes this philosophy of efficiency one step further – you can use the UP4 to make payments. Jawbone partners with American Express to make this happen.

Amex Card members with an UP4 tracker can connect a valid American Express Card via the latest UP App for Android or iOS.

Just use the same Amex profile that you use to manage your online account. After that, all you need to do is choose the card you want to connect to your UP4 to be able to make payments.

You can apply for an Amex card in the app if you happen not to have one.

How does the actual payment process work?

You tap your wrist (the one you are wearing the Jawbone UP 4 on, of course) on a terminal in a shop, cab or restaurant and wait for the signal of successful payment.

That’s all you need to do!

Woman paying with Jawbone Up4

Tap your wrist – you don’t need to take your phone or press any buttons. Of course, the payment option is limited to places where American Express contactless payments are accepted.

Your card transaction and account data is always protected, just like with Amex card membership. Your benefits and security are guaranteed.

Jawbone never sees your account or payment details.

Jawbone UP4 – pros and cons reviewed

The Jawbone UP4 weighs a mere 29 grams.

It’s water resistant, meaning that it can withstand splashes and sweat. But it can’t be worn while swimming because it should not be submerged entirely in water.

Jawbone UP4 is not ideal for swimming

This is a serious downside if swimming is one of your favorite activities. Users say that the Jawbone UP4 is perfect when it comes to style and sleep tracking, but several other fitness trackers offer better value for the price.

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Another disadvantage involves the band, which can be loose and prone to tearing. Some users complain that it tears after several months.

Another disadvantage my colleagues at Arstechnica describe here, is that the clasps my be difficult to close with one hand.

So let’s go to the conclusion of our Jawbone UP4 review.


You probably agree that, once you have a fitness wearable, there are a lot more options you can do to improve your health.

So if you are looking for a basic and fashionable everyday tracker the Jawbone UP4 is a device you should consider. The UP4 not only tracks your activity and steps but also measures your heart rate.

The UP4 is especially useful if you are a member of the American Express card to make contactless payments with your wrist. If you can’t take advantage of the mobile payment option, you probably should take a closer look at the UP3.

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If you have any questions regarding our Jawbone UP4 review or remarks, please feel free to leave us a comment below!

We always try to shed more light when it comes to the massive amount of trackers out there so you can find the best option.