Jaybird X2 Review – Wireless Sports Earphones

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Jaybird X2 – a step ahead; outstanding audio performance, functionality and improved design!

Jaybird launched the second generation of one of the most popular wireless sports earphones, the Bluebuds X. In this new generation named Jaybird X2, the firm showed once again, that they are always seeking to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight Black (Renewed)
  • Premium Bluetooth Audio For Skip-Free Music Outdoors
  • 8 Hours of Music + Calls With Complete Remote Controls
  • Lifetime Sweat proof Warranty

Sports fans and audiophiles can find in these newly released wireless earbuds a great option to combine their passions; so if you are among them, my Jaybird X2 review will give you a good insight of what you could get for an affordable amount. Sports wireless earphones have drastically improved over the past couple of years. Modern designs are now sweat proof, offer comfort and fit, and come with profound bass sound. The Jaybird X2 take this concept further, adding to them an exceptional audio quality, Bluetooth streaming, and superior aerodynamic design.

First-rate audio performance

Gym Athhlete with X2 EarbudsMusic can be the best partner when it comes to running or practicing your favorite sport. Obviously, sound quality was the first aspect I considered when I evaluated these earphones, which proved to deserve I spent some time writing my Jaybird X2 review.

Though there is an enormous variety of wireless earphones, those who appreciate good sound and need to be able to focus on their physical activity instead of worrying about securing devices, or having to keep adjusting annoying earphones will realize that the Jaybird X2 are worth every cent spent on them.

These earphones include a codec developed by Jaybird with an improved bit rate, which offers a unique and clear sound via Bluetooth. To empower your training, there is nothing like a good dose of bass potency, and listening to tracks with potent sub-bass sounds such us “Illusions” from Cypress Hill, or Hot Chip´s “Ready for the floor” I found out that the Jaybirds do not disturb sound at all!

Jaybird X2 Review - Exceptional Sound QualityI tried them even at higher volumes, and even then, they still provided an embracing clear sound, giving me the input of energy that I needed to complete my training session. I tried them with classic tracks, yes, sometimes I train with classics, I noticed that the Jaybirds provide a very clean mix, with an excellent balance between deep bass and high sounds, with crisp means and treble sounds.

Additionally, the SignalPlus technology eliminates interferences and sound cuts, something you would hate happening in the climax of your favorite track or the last minutes of your training. Moreover, if you are like me, and hate any disturbing ambient noise, you can isolate yourself behind the silicone and foam covers. Furthermore, if you do not want anyone know you are listening hip hop, classical music or tango, the isolation works both sides, no one around will hear a single note coming out of your earbuds!

So, definitely yes, great audio performance that helps improve your performance!

Earbuds with aerodynamic and comfortable fit

Jaybird X2 - Earbuds for CyclistsPut on your sports shoes, get your earphones, push the fins back, secure the Jaybirds, and enjoy your two passions. You know the key role of wearing the proper sports shoes. Wear the right ones or you will end up showing a poor performance or getting hurt. Same may happen with the earphones. You can´t afford discomfort if you are talking about practicing sports and enjoying music. In this aspect, the Jaybirds surprised me.

I tried other brands and models: With the Denon´s AH-W150 I found the typical great sound that made Denon establish its name in the audio market, but not the best fit, the material lacks flexibility and softness.

Among other´s I tried were the light weighed Jabra Sport Pulse, I encountered a convenient ultra-light weight, a useful pulsometer, but not the sound quality I expect; so again, I vote for Jaybirds. I already talked about the sound quality, which is quite impressive, so now let me tell you why they surprised me with their design.

The Jaybird X2 are among the smallest sports earphones. They count on a circuit board that wraps itself. They can be worn above the ear, that is how you will use them when doing physical activities, or you can use them under the ear, for a casual utilization.

The wire´s length can be adjusted to your personal preference thanks to the included cord-management clip, avoiding the inconvenience of having to deal with long cables. With an ergonomic design, they come with a special hook that prevents the small buds from getting out during sports practice.

Additionally, they come with three pairs of foam pads that make them suitable for any user. You may find them a bit slipperier to make them fit, but after a couple of times, you will get over that. Being highly sweat resistant, you can play any sport with them, even one as hard as cross-fit.

Jaybird X2 Review – Modern and dynamic design

Jaybird X2 reviewedI am also quite a visual person, and I must recognize that even before trying them, the Jaybird X2 caught me through my eyes. It may not be the crucial point for a Jaybird X2 review since we are focusing on sound and sports usability. However, I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Please, don´t discredit me for that!

There are other wireless earbuds which look like strange alien wearable when you have them on your head. But no worry, with the X2 you always will look stylish.

Most earphones come in boring colors, or maximally offer a couple of options to choose from. These ones, unlike their predecessor which were available in two colors, come in six strong options, so you will surely find a favorite.

My personal choice was a vibrant acid green, they name it Charge, and yes, it is a quite energetic tone. Don´t worry, you can also opt for more unostentatious options, such as the elegant Midnight Black or the Storm white. If you are a person of contrasts, you will adore this white tone paired with the black matte. Following the fashion trends, Jaybird lowered the gloss of the plastic material, and now provide a matte surface, that perfectly matches the minimalist concept of the design.

Since aesthetics is something very subjective, instead of just taking what I say, take a look yourself.

Battery life reviewed

Probably you will run out if long before your Jaybird X2!

X2 EarphonesLike the in the previous generation, Jaybird offers us a long lasting battery life. 8 hours of autonomy seem more than enough to run a marathon or a triathlon. After all, Jaybird officially supports the USA triathlon team, so it is pretty clear they understand what sports people need. With 8 hours of battery life,  the Jaybird X2 largely surpass that of the Beats PowerBeats2, which offer 6 hours of battery life, and excellent audio quality for a similar price.

Though the battery lasts 8 hours, which is the longest among the wireless earbuds I tried, it is important to be aware that this varies. Depending on how much you use the controls, the activities you do playing with them, and on the sound volume, this durability can be reduced.

Fully recharging the battery through the microUSB connector (USB Standards explained at CNET) takes about 2 to 2.5 hours, something I find acceptable. However, I think this aspect should be Jaybird´s engineers next challenge.

My conclusion

If you do not settle for less than the best in sound, but want to buy a middle-range priced product, the Jaybird X2 is an excellent option. It will not disappoint your hearing needs; it will provide you the sports usability and security required to practice any physical activity.

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight Black (Renewed)
  • Premium Bluetooth Audio For Skip-Free Music Outdoors
  • 8 Hours of Music + Calls With Complete Remote Controls
  • Lifetime Sweat proof Warranty