Misfit Shine vs Misfit Flash – Comparison

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Staying healthy depends a lot on your diet, activity and also sleep. It is easy to track your calorie consumption but keeping track of your activity and sleep quality does require an outstanding wearable.

Misfit Wearables, manufacturer of the two great fitness trackers, the Misfit Shine and Misfit Flash, has proven to be capable to help you out at this point. Both activity trackers are ideal devices to measure your activity and sleep parameters using latest 3-axis accelerometer sensor technology available.

So what are the main differences when you compare the Misfit Shine versus the Misfit Flash?

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

The Misfit Shine is one of the flagship product of Misfit Wearables. The Shine is small, elegant and a really beautiful looking and nice crafted gadget. It looks a little bit like a coin but it has smart electronics inside. It can be worn in multiple ways: Attach it to your Misfit wristband, clip it to your clothes or use the Misfit Bloom necklace.

If you like to, you also can wear it secretly inside your socks on your ankles, on the inside of your T-shirt or even inside your pocket. Misfit provides a lot of accessories for runners, cyclists and swimmers to safely hold the Misfit Shine.

misfit-shineBecause of its unique small design and the use of high quality aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine is very light: With it’s dimensions of 27.5 x 27.5 x 3.3 mm it weighs only 9.4 grams. The little coin sized battery lasts as long as six months. So you will not have to recharge the gadget over and over again as you have to with similar devices.

To interact with the activity tracker simply tap on its top and the wearable will show you relevant information. This could be your current activity status or the actual day time. All information is being displayed  by the circular arranged LED’s.

The Shine also uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology to transfer data to your mobile phone. You can access your health data at your smart phone via Misfits iOS or Android app.

A wonderful feature of this gadget is that it is water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. A special edition of Misfit Shine called Shine Speedo has special swim tracking capabilities. Shine Speedo can track the lap count and swim distance with a great level of accuracy. It works with all types of swim strokes.

Misfit Shine - Activity and Sleep Monitor
  • Swimproof, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum disc
  • White LED progress and time display
  • Wirelessly syncs with paired smartphone to upload data

Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash
Misfit Flash

When you compare the Misfit Shine vs Misfit Flash, the Misfit Flash is much cheaper. In terms of functionality, both devices are similar. The Flash is very small, has LEDs which function as a display, it uses the same battery and also has a battery life of 6 months. Wearing the Flash is as easy as wearing the Shine.

Misfit Flash LifestyleA difference to the Misfit Shine is that the housing of the Flash is made out of a plastic material (TPU) and you press the housing like a button. Compared to the aircraft grade aluminum of the Shine’s housing the housing of the Misfit Flash is less stable. As long as you are not going to climb on rocks I think this should not be a problem for you.

Moreover the Flash comes in 7 different color options. However as compared to Shine, it has water resistance only up to a depth of 30 meters. Just like Misfit Shine the user will be able to access data via iOS or Android app transferred through Bluetooth 4.0. Get your app in the Apple Store here. (Android)

Update May 2016:

You may also like to check out Misfits latest wearable: Misifit Ray and its direct competitor the Fitbit Alta.

Misfit Wearables Flash - Fitness and Sleep Monitor (Black)
  • Splashproof disc with red LED progress and time display
  • Smart button enabled to control connected household devices
  • Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and heavy sleep

Misfit Shine vs Misfit Flash – Summary

The Flash and the Shine are both two great gadgets help you to track your activity and sleep. Many people unknowingly put on weight when their activity levels comes down. As a user of any of this gadgets you will have the information from the gadget and you will be able to take proper steps to prevent weight gain.

Technically both devices are pretty similar. If you would like a device that looks really cool and is very robust I would recommend you to go with the Misfit Shine. If you are only looking for a device that just does its job you can also choose the cheaper Misfit Flash.

But what do you think about our Misfit Shine vs Misfit Flash comparison? Which of the devices is better? Please feel free to share your experience with us and add a comment below!