Neebo – baby monitoring made easy

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The Neebo baby monitor is the latest innovative wearable made by the medical certified czech manufacturer Daatrics.

The Neebo is a health monitor which monitors many vital signs and also your baby’s activity of your baby. Neebo automatically notifies parents on their mobile phone about any abnormal signs or behavior.

Neebo baby monitor system

Reliable and safe baby monitor

The monitoring system consists basically of the coin-sized Neebo band, a charging station and the mobile phone application.

Place the egg-shaped wristband directly on your newborn’s wrist. This is the area where most accurate measurements can be done.

Thanks to it’s medical grade quality you do not have to worry about getting disconnected or getting disturbed with false alarms.

In addition, The manufacturer aims to get the device a medical grade certification.

Neebo baby care system – main features

Neebo baby monitor in Turquoise color

Whether you ask yourself “Is my child too warm/too cold”, “Is my child awake” or “Is my child breathing”, the Neebo will answer all of those questions and will alert you automatically if something is maybe wrong.

Inside the Neebo are over 6 sensors like temperatures sensors, heart-rate and SP02 sensors and even a microphone. Thus, Neebo is perfect all-in-one device that features the following functionalities:

  • Real time heart rate monitor
  • Oxygen saturation monitor
  • Thermal state monitor
  • Smart sound monitor
  • “Is my child treated well” monitor
  • Smart alert system

Internal studies of the manufacturer have shown, that Neebo’s measurement values show only very little deviation compared to professional medical-grade monitoring devices.

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Neebo baby monitor – reliable and safe

Because the device should of course not harm your little one, the manufacturer took care a lot about safety.

The device itself is waterproof and encapsulated. Thus you can easily clean it with soap and water. In addition, all materials are tested, very skin friendly and free of any harmful substances. As a consequence, chewing on the band will not harm your baby.

Neebo Baby wristband

Because engineers designed the electronics very carefully, short-circuits inside the electronics will not cause the device to overheat.

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Moreover, thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy the device is not emitting high electromagnetic radiation. All data is sent encrypted to the main station.

At this point, you can order the Neebo at the manufacturer’s website Neebo is currently available in 4 different colors.