The Best Fitbit Accessories and Replacement Parts

Fitbit Replacement Band

Fitbit has always been a leader in wearables when it comes to accessories for its fitness trackers. Its devices are uniquely customizable – in fact, they are second to none on the market in this niche. There are many ways to hide or emphasize the device and many fascinating accessories you can use, both for … Read more

Smart Eyewear – Intelligent Wearable for your Eyes

Recon Jet Smart Eyewear

There’s Much More Than Visual Protection Behind Smart Eyewear Why should you consider smart eyewear? Let’s think about this: How many times were you driving, got lost, and had to stop your car and phone call someone for directions? Or how many times you almost hit the car right ahead of you because of deviated … Read more

Fitbit Blaze Replacement Band and Accessories

Fitbit Blaze Accessories and Replacement Bands

Are you looking for a Fitbit Blaze replacement band or Fitbit Blaze accessories? Whether you have lost or worn out your band, you need an extra band or would like to customize your Fitbit look for a special event. There are so many different designs available to take a look at. “One of the first … Read more

Adidas miCoach Smart Ball Review

Soccer training has never been so smart! Adidas demonstrated, once more, that instead of the spread belief that technology separates people from sports practice, it can actually be an enormous aid. Not only does it make sports practices more appealing, but also provides an invaluable training help. This latest released Adidas miCoach Smart Ball provides … Read more

Muse Headband Review – A Smart Meditation Wearable

Now there’s a way to stay calm and focused without resorting to junk food, yoga class, pills or psychobabble therapy! In this Muse Headband review we will tell you all you need to know about this super new state-of-the-art wearable gadget. The Muse Headband (made by InteraXon) promises relaxation, focus and calm, but what is … Read more

Jaybird X2 Review – Wireless Sports Earphones

Jaybird X2 wireless sports earbuds

Jaybird X2 – a step ahead; outstanding audio performance, functionality and improved design! Jaybird launched the second generation of one of the most popular wireless sports earphones, the Bluebuds X. In this new generation named Jaybird X2, the firm showed once again, that they are always seeking to stay a step ahead of the competition. … Read more

Pavlok – innovative Wearable for Habit Forming

Pavlok Smart Band

Recently we found another interesting wearable product for habit forming that we would like to present to you as you might be very interested: The device is called the “Pavlok”. Inventor Maneesh Sethi uses a new method inside the Pavlok band to motivate you: Unlike other bands which will give