Pavlok – innovative Wearable for Habit Forming

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Recently we found another interesting wearable product for habit forming that we would like to present to you as you might be very interested: The device is called the “Pavlok”.

Inventor Maneesh Sethi uses a new method inside the Pavlok band to motivate you: Unlike other bands which will give you a vibrating alarm, the Pavlok smartband will give you a little electric shock.

Pavlok is a wearable device which is designed for people who would like to change a bad habit. This is done by using Pavlok’s smartphone application.

Simply press the button when you feel a craving. The Pavlok will release the stimulus and reduce your craving. The stimulus intensity is of course adjustable by yourself.

Quit unwanted habits with Pavlok

Pavlok promises that you will be able to quit unwanted habits like

  • Biting your nails
  • Smoking
  • Getting up late
  • Wasting your time online
  • Eating too much

For example: If you would like to quit smoking, just wear the pavlok. Now whenever you take a cigarette in your hand just activate the pavlok and you will receive a little electric shock. Do this for at least five days and your brain will learn to deactivate the bad habit.

Technology inside for habit forming

Pavlok consists of two parts: The wristband and the electronic module.

The wristband is very lightweight and durable. The module will fit inside the wristband and holds the rechargeable battery. It also holds the electronic components and provides bluetooth low energy connectivity.

The battery inside the device has the capacity for more than 150 jolts or vibrations. You can recharge your wearable via the included USB cable.

Once you have downloaded the smartphone app you can connect your phone to the Pavlok.