Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor and Fitness Tracker

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Get up to the minute data, specifically when you are working out, with the help of the Polar H7. This heart rate sensor transmits live data to your smartphone so you can keep track of your numbers as they happen. Just put the band around your waist for accurate tracking of your heart rate. The precision of a Polar heart rate strap because of its superior ability to track accuracy.

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker
  • HEART RATE MONITOR: Provides live, accurate heart rate to compatible mobile training apps through Bluetooth Smart...
  • FITNESS TRACKER: Waterproof heart rate sensor, Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad...
  • STRONG BATTERY LIFE: For optimal battery life, detach transmitter from chest strap after every use

The Polar H7 tracks and records your heart rate data to your smartphone’s training applications, and is also compatible with other Polar devices and gym equipment. In a world, full of statistics and extra information, the H7 stays accurate and connected. There are gadgets full of capabilities in our world but when it comes down to it, knowing your heart rate during training is essential. The information you get from the Polar H7 in invaluable, especially for athletes on the path to success.


polar-h7-strapPolar USA remains committed to improving the performance of every athlete. They have some products on the market, including the Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor. It is a company suited for accommodating all people of all fitness levels.

The H7 sensor comes with a strap made of a comfortable textile. It will not irritate your skin to wear the sensor during a hard workout. The buckle keeps the belt in place, so you hardly feel it when you are wearing it. Unlike other products like wrist sensors, the H7 uses a more advanced electrode for accurate, uninterrupted heart rate monitoring. It is ideal for participants in walking, running, hiking, swimming, and cycling.

Directly attach the device to your chest and watch the results roll in, whether they go to your cell phone or your other paired device. Because of Bluetooth connectivity, you don’t need to wait for the results of your heart rate tracking. Seeing the details in real time is a considerable advantage. The replaceable battery is simple to fix, and no charging is necessary.

Polar uses an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors which deliver continuous data to your phone. Other sensors on wrist trackers and headphones measure the actual electrical activity of your heart. This type of sensor provides continuous heart rate data and is more reliable than optical sensors used in substandard trackers. This sensor helps you verify you are training at the right intensity. Why not rely on the most reliable heart rate tracker on the market when it is available at an affordable price point?

Many users purchase the Polar H7 to work in conjunction with their polar watch or other tracker product. If you want to enhance your Polar product experience with an accurate heart rate monitor, merely purchase the H7 for your workout or training routine. It is also able to pair with other tracking devices including TomTom or Garmin products.

With a purchase, you get a two-year warranty that covers a series of issues with the product. Polar has a strong reputation for customer service so if reaching out to them or getting to know the details of the warranty, expect quality care from their team. In the words of one customer, “If you are looking for a motivating device and a company that stands by their product, this is for you!”


  • Waterproofing for swimmers
  • A comfortable strap to suit all design sensibilities
  • More accurate heart rate tracking and also for a resting heart rate reading
  • Enhance your experience with other Polar activity tracking products
  • An affordable price point for all wearers


  • Not syncing well with all devices
  • Newer models are on the market
  • Not suitable to fit people of all size
  • Must be chest mounted for proper functioning
  • Personalization of the product is limited

Enjoy the Straightforward Design of the H7

polar-h7-hr-monitorThe Polar H7 does not do pretend to be a product with all of the bells and whistles. It merely provides you with an extensive reading of your heart rate, both at rest and while exercising. This product is a fully functioning heart rate sensor without trying to be an activity sensor that provides limitless statistics. Just adjust your chest strap for an accurate reading of your heart rate.

When used alone, this heart rate monitor helps you tweak your exercise routine and reach your fitness goals. By knowing how your heart responds to some situations, you can focus on finishing that race, increasing your time, or even building muscle mass. Answer questions about your calories burned or your best resting heart rate after wearing the Polar H7 for every type of workout.

Heart-rate based recordings help you make sure training is accurate because you never get too strained, but you also work out intensely enough to reach new goals. Finding the right balance in a workout routine boosts the ability for goal attainment.

Once connected to the app, you get voice alerts from your cell phone for information about the activity. It gives more functionality, all based on your heart rate, including calories burned in an exercise routine or workout. If you are looking for a straightforward design that stays in place and is the best on the market at tracking heart rate, there is no better option than the Polar H7.


polar-h7-hr-sensorOnce you put on your H7 and start working out, The Polar Beat application is a free fitness and training application available for users of their product line. Because the H7 tracker is Bluetooth connected, updates are automatically sent to your phone while it is in use. Your training session gets broken into sections of exertion, showing your routes or movements with an analysis of your heart rate.

Know the time you have spent in different heart rate zones to better train for fitness goals. For example, training in the recovery zone improves the ability of your muscles to utilize oxygen while the anaerobic zone helps increase your body’s lactate threshold to improve long-term performance.

Also, indoor fitness equipment is also able to pair with the H7. Many pieces of indoor gym equipment are built for use with heart rate monitors. Take advantage of this capability by reading your statistics on your gym equipment. This verifies your position in a specific target heart rate without leaving yourself overexerted.

Top Features and Specs

  • A Replaceable Battery. Instead of relying on charging, the Polar H7 comes with a battery you replace on your own. When you are not using the product, be sure to turn off the Bluetooth to preserve battery life. This means – no plugging in ever!
  • Waterproof for Swimmers. As mentioned previously, the Polar H7 works for men and women as they participate in all types of physical activity. This includes the heart-healthy habit of swimming for exercise. If swimming is a part of your workout routine, the H7 strap accommodates your workout routine.
  • Non-Irritating Strap. Polar makes the H7 belt out of a soft textile chest strap. This comfortably fits your body which allows you the freedom to move as you wish. When working out, your heart monitor shouldn’t get in the way. The strap is durable and withstands.
  • Sync with Indoor Workout Equipment. Sync the H7 with workout equipment that is enabled by Bluetooth technology or for use with Polar products. The advantage to this is the ability to read your heart rate as it occurs and better gauge your exertion levels while working out. Learn more about your heart and how it reacts to certain levels of exercise by syncing with your equipment.
  • Lightweight for All Day Wear. Some users of the Polar H7 decide to wear it throughout the day to track heart rate during periods of recovery from a workout. It weighs only 6.5 ounces which is less than some of the most progressive activity trackers.

What Customers are Saying

polar-heart-rate-monitorThe top feature of this product is its ability to track heart rate that is live, accurate, and compatible with your phone or gym equipment. Access to your live heartrate information enhances the workout routine as well. According to a recent review, “I use this for basically every workout of mine, and I work out every day…The chest strap is comfortable and has a good connection easily.” There is no value in getting spotty heart rate information, the only way to take advantage of your statistics is through a consistent, accurate reading made available by the Polar H7.

The most prominent negative feature of the Polar H7 is the requirement to understand information about heart rate for the full utilization of this product. The mobile application helps users understand the importance of different heart rate zones in your workout and recovery routine. It might require you to learn more about your heart rate if you want to understand the ins and outs of the device.

However, after getting educated about your specific workout routine, it is easy to learn about how your heart should perform during any fitness regime. Customers report that “the devices were easy to set up” and once you complete the setup routine, you can start learning about the product.

The Verdict

Take your fitness to the next level with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor tracking your every move. This comfortable strap is easy to use for intense workouts and stays in place even for high-intensity training. If you are ready to learn more about the most essential of your body’s readings or want to commit to a better fitness routine, purchase this item whether on its own or as an accessory for an activity tracker.

Suited to fit women and men of all sizes, only adjust your chest strap to meet you and stay in place. Get accuracy and reading better than on wrist trackers with the Polar H7 heart rate monitor. Rely on Polar for more information about your heart and how it works during an exercise routine.

Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor & Fitness Tracker
  • HEART RATE MONITOR: Provides live, accurate heart rate to compatible mobile training apps through Bluetooth Smart...
  • FITNESS TRACKER: Waterproof heart rate sensor, Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad...
  • STRONG BATTERY LIFE: For optimal battery life, detach transmitter from chest strap after every use