Samsung Gear Fit Review

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Samsung Gear Fit – Feature Overview

The Samsung Gear Fit (Codename SM-R350) has a slim design and contains all technology from the big Samsung Gear 2 watches. The Samsung Gear Fit has a 1.84” (432×128) Curved Super AMOLED display. Incoming text messages or next meeting dates will be displayed directly with this trendy wristlet. Moreover the Samsung Gear Fit will vibrate to notice you that there is new information available.

A nice feature of the Samsung Gear Fit is that you are able to control your music on the mobile phone over the fitness tracker. You can change the volume and switch to the next or previous song easily without a glance on your mobile phone.

The Samsung Gear Fit works best with the Samsung Galaxy Product family. There is one single button to interact with the gear fit. Additionally it comes with a charging connector and a heart rate monitor on the back side. The rubber band itself can be replaced easily. You can chose one of a whole bunch of different colors.
Display orientation can dynamically change (vertical and horizontal orientation) so that you can wear it on your right or left arm just as you like.

Because of the sealed design you can also go showering without any problems. Since the weight is only 27 grams you can wear the Gear Fit 24/7 and compared to an old-school clock it is much lighter with more functionality. Moreover it is one of the fitnesstrackers you can swim with because it has an IP67 waterproof rating.

Main Functions of the Smart Watch

  • Clock
  • Weather information
  • Timer / Alarm Clock
  • Media control (play, pause, next, back)
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer (Logging number of footsteps)
  • Displaying incoming text messages and calls
  • Respond function to incoming text messages and calls with pre defined messages
  • scheduler
  • fully customizable (Rubber band, Display background and orientation, additional app)

Samsung Gear Fit – Technical Information

The following technical Information was taken from Samsungs official homepage:

Display: Curved Super AMOLED touchscreen

Battery: -Standard Battery with 210mAh – Typical Usage 3~4 days, Low Usage up to 5 days

Connection to mobile phone: Bluetooth 4.0

Housing: IP67 waterproof

Processor: STMicroelectronics (STM32F439ZI) with 180 MHz Clockrate

Memory: 128 MB

Weight: 27 gram