Skulpt Aim is Revolutionizing Fitness Tracking

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Skulpt Aim is an innovative fitness tracker device to measure your muscle quality and fat percentage of your muscle groups. It recognizes the impact your workouts have on your body. With aim you can analyse your strongest areas and train the ones which are not so strong. It’s also possible to track your progress with the mobile app.

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Key Benefits of the Skulpt Aim:

  • Aim uses Bluetooth Smart to sync to the user’s mobile app.
  • It’s compact than an iPhone
  • glossy, water-resistant shell
  • Aim supports up to 6 profiles, each is possible to access to their personal dashboard
  • Because of the ergonomic design measurement of muscle condition is very comfortable
  • The measurement with Aim is 5 times more accurate than the typical bio-impedance measurement.

Technology Inside

Skulpt Aim sends a small electric current through your muscle and a sensor inside the fitness tracker will measure your electrical body resistance. Because the resistance of fat cells is different to those of muscle cells Aim can analze your body fat percentage pretty good.

Skulpt: “Using 12 sensors with optimized configurations and frequencies, Aim analyzes the flow of that current through the muscle. Based on your muscle composition and the size of your muscle fibers, Aim is able to quantify your Muscle Quality, and measure the percentage of fat around that muscle.”

This is how you will get an accurate measurement with the Skulpt Aim:

  • First, you have to spray the Aim’s sensors with a little bit of water. This helps to make a better contact with your skin
  • After that, you have to press the Skulpt Aim to your preferred muscle group.
  • Your muscle condition results will show up instantly on the display

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