This Smart Sole Keeps Your Feet Warm And Tracks Your Activity!

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Digitsole, the inventor of the smart shoe and the warm insole series is now implementing tracking features into a smart sole!

In fact Digitsole says it will be very accurate and you as a user can track steps, distance and calories burned during your activity. Furthermore you are able to automatically track your acceleration, the average speed, session duration and even your resting time between your training sessions. Because the tracker sole fits in all kind of shoes you can also use it for all type of sports. No matter what special type of shoes you need. So whether you are a triathlete, cyclist or runner Digitsoles’s tracker series will do the trick.

Tracking sole can be used for team sports

Very interesting for team players is that you can use this smart sole also in team sports. While accessories like bracelets, watches or rings are not allowed in team sports, the smart sole is not a problem. So in case you play soccer, baseball or football this could be a product for you and your team you could consider for further data analytics.

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Technical features

Integrated into the tracking sole is a memory which will save up to 10h of activity until you should sync the smart sole with your smartphone. In order to do that you need a phone with bluetooth enabled and download the Android or iOs App. Charging of the sole which weighs around 100 g to 120 g is possible with the included micro USB cable. Because of the chosen materials the sole will efficiently damp shocks during your workouts.

The experts of smart footwear also implemented maps to the smartphone app. Given that you are able to see your running path and more details of your last activity. All in all I am very excited about this new innovative product made in France. And tracker series is expected to be available at a price of $79 by September 2016. If you prefer a sole version with integrated heating for the next winter you will have to pay more than doubled that price.

About Digitsole

Digitsole is the leader in the design and distribution of connected footwear products. The creator of the warm series, the first interactive, connected, heated insole. Digitsole challenge itself to offer new innovative features to revolutionise footwear and enlarge its range to fit to leisure and professional use. Digitsole is currently present in 30 countries.