Soleus GO Activity Tracker Review

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With a large number of fitness trackers currently vying for the number one spot, there’s probably no better time to invest in a fitness tracker. Because of the competition, you’re likely to be able to find a fitness tracker that works best for you, even if there is no clear “best” fitness tracker.

Soleus Unisex SF200-001 Go Fitness Band Digital Display Quartz Black Watch
  • Unisex fitness watch featuring 18 mm rectangular time/date OLED display and silicone band in all black
  • Not water resistant
  • Features 3D accelerometer, distance, average pace/speed, step counter, rechargeable battery, calories burned, sleep...

The Soleus Go, for the most part, is your average, run-of-the-mill fitness tracker. This isn’t a knock against the Go because this could be exactly what you’re looking for in a fitness tracker. You’ll want to give the Soleus Go an honest consideration if you’re an active person, want a mid-range fitness tracker with a watch and screen for viewing incoming notifications, and want to track your sleep as well as activity levels.

The Soleus Go is not for everyone — it has its drawbacks — but if it happens to be what you’re looking for, you’re in luck. We hope our Soleus Go activity tracker review will help you make an informed decision about whether the Go is a good fit for you or not.


soleus-go-trackerThe Soleus Go aims to be an ideal fitness tracker for people on the go, which is where its name comes from. When it comes to statistics, the Go measures distance, average pace/speed, steps, calories burned, time spent moving, as well as sleep patterns. With the Go, you can also set vibration alerts, fitness goals, and vibration alarms. This tracker’s screen can show you the time and date, weather, and incoming texts & calls.

If you’re a busy person, constantly going from here to there, you’ll find the screen a welcome addition to your daily routine. Checking the weather and your alerts on your fitness tracker will save you time and prevent you from needing to get your phone out constantly — something that has the potential to be distracting and time-wasting.

None of the above features are unique to the Go, but the Go does have a nice assortment of features that should be enough for most people looking for a fitness tracker. The band isn’t the most sturdy, and may not fit as comfortably on smaller wrists, so if you like to engage in high-intensity activities or on the smaller side, physically, the Go may not be for you.

The Soleus Go has two buttons. One button is used to cycle through your current data and view any alerts you may have, and the other button cycles through the tracker’s various modes — Exercise Mode, Sleep Mode, Data Mode, Pair Mode, and Set Mode. We’ll cover these modes in greater detail later on in our review. The tracker’s app isn’t the most navigable but which contains all the information you need.


  • Dedicated modes mean accurate activity and sleep tracking since the tracker will know exactly when you plan on exercising and sleeping.
  • The device’s functional display lets you see incoming calls and messages, the time, date, weather, and your current stats.
  • The band is water resistant, meaning it should hold up against sweat and most activities (apart from swimming).
  • The Go’s lower price makes it a good entry-level fitness tracker. If you’ve never had a fitness tracker before, and are looking for a solid tracker with all the most standard features, you might enjoy the Go.


  • The alarm clock could use additional options — there isn’t any way to have different alarm clocks for different days. This means you’ll have to manually turn the alarm off each weekend if you don’t plan on waking at the same time every day of the week.
  • The display doesn’t have customization options for changing the order in which your statistics are displayed, meaning you may have to cycle through all the stats every time before coming to the one you wish to see.
  • We didn’t have any problem syncing and charging the Go, but many customers have reported that syncing the device to their phone is rather finicky.
  • The Go doesn’t feel as sturdy and long-lasting as other fitness trackers. You won’t want to go banging your wrists on solid objects while wearing the Go. If you plan on participating in high-impact sports with a fitness tracker on, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Fuss-free Features

The Soleus Go’s dedicated modes help you track certain statistics more accurately.

Before a workout, you can switch to Exercise Mode. This enables your device to collect data for a specific workout, which you can then view separately from the data accumulated daily. The Exercise Mode keeps track of the length of your workout, calories burned, distance, average pace/speed, and steps taken. This mode if you have specific workout goals. Some trackers don’t have this functionality, and this can leave you trying to pick through your data to find out which data is related to your workouts and which data isn’t.

Sleep Mode tracks your total sleep, light sleep, deep sleep, and how well you’re meeting your sleep goal. We found the Go’s separate mode for sleeping useful because trackers often only guess when you’re sleeping from your level of activity. Guessing, however, can erroneously cause low-movement activities, such as reading, to get logged as sleep. With the Go, you won’t have to worry about this. You tell the device you’re going to sleep, and when you wake up. This makes the data less prone to accumulating errors.

The other modes are Data Mode, Pair Mode, and Set Mode. Data mode lets you access data without your phone, straight from your fitness tracker. Pair Mode is used to connect the fitness tracker and your phone via Bluetooth. Lastly, Set Mode allows you to set edit various device settings such as the time, current user, and goals.


The Soleus Go gathers the following data over the course of a day: steps, distance, active time, exercise time (time spent in Exercise Mode), and calories burned. The app displays all of this information for you, as well as your step goal and calories goal.

Once each day is done, there’s still more data to be collected. Switch the Go into Sleep Mode, and you’re all set to start collecting sleep data: time spent asleep, deep sleep duration, light sleep duration, awake time, and your sleep/wake times.

If you want more detailed statistics on individual workouts you’ve done, you can check out the “exercise” section of the app. From here, you have access to information specific to a single exercise segment: start and end times, steps taken, average pace and speed, distance traveled, exercise duration, and calories burned. To collect data on a specific workout, be sure to switch your tracker to Exercise Mode for the duration of the workout

The device itself is capable of holding 30 days of daily data, data for 30 individual exercises, and ten days of sleep data. If you want to view older data or more detailed statistics, you’ll have to resort to checking the app. We don’t see much of a reason to check anything but the most recent statistics using the device itself, so the Go’s data storage capacity shouldn’t be much of a concern.

As you can see, the Soleus Go probably tracks everything you’d want it to track for you, and all the collected data is easily viewable from the tracker’s dedicated app.

Top Features and Specs

  • Dedicated exercise and sleep modes – Dedicated modes means more detailed information about workouts and more accurate data collection.
  • Great “first” fitness tracker – The Soleus Go doesn’t excel at everything, but it’s a solid fitness tracker for those who don’t need anything fancy, or who aren’t sure they want to spend a lot of money on a higher-end tracker.
  • Informative screen – The Go’s screen enables you to leave your phone in your pocket, purse, or backpack until you need it. Phones can be distracting, so we like having the ability to scan incoming messages on our wrist. If the message is something we can reply to at a later time, we’re able to maintain our current productivity without the potential to be distracted by our phones.
  • Good battery life – The battery charges in a few hours or less, and should last you up to a whole week on a single charge.

What Customers are Saying

soleus-go-activity-watchCustomers tend to agree with us on the good and bad. When we read some Soleus Go activity tracker reviews on Amazon. The tracker’s display, fitness statistics, and separate “workout mode” are among the tracker’s most popular features.

It’s nice to be able to switch the Go into Exercise Mode, go for a jog, and then come back and see detailed statistics about your run. Other trackers attempt to guess when you’re working out, as opposed to walking around, but we found being able to manually tell the device when you’re working out can be more accurate.

Occasionally, customers have complained that syncing the Go with their mobile phone can be a hassle. In some Soleus Go reviews, customers reported the Go occasionally losing connection to their phone. This requires the phone and tracker to be re-paired before the device is able to transfer any more data to the phone.

Getting disconnected doesn’t mean you’ll lose any of your data, and you’ll still be able to view your most recent data on the tracker itself even without a connection to your phone. You’ll want to sync about once a day or so to transfer your data from the device to your phone, but otherwise, you won’t need the two devices to be connected all day unless you need the call/message alerts.

The Verdict

We believe the Soleus Go is capable of tracking everything most people would want to be tracked. Short of swimming statistics, the Go should be a sufficient fitness tracker for most light- to moderately-active individuals. For those who need a fitness tracker that can stand a beating or can survive underwater, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

However, for busy people who want to focus on their fitness, they don’t need to look any further than the Soleus Go. The fitness tracker’s screen lets you read your messages and see who’s calling while you’re traveling from point A to point B, or working on your next big assignment. The display can also tell you the time and date. This is something you would expect most fitness trackers to be capable of, but this isn’t actually the case.

Additionally, the tracker can tell you the weather. It’s super helpful to be able to check the weather outside before leaving the house to go for a run. You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve left the house dressed for the wrong kind of weather. With the Soleus Go, we won’t have to play this guessing game.

Data on sleep and individual workouts will let you be mindful of how much, and how effectively, you are sleeping and working out. If you’ve been waking up feeling tired or groggy, the data collected on your sleeping habits could be a game changer.

Soleus Unisex SF200-001 Go Fitness Band Digital Display Quartz Black Watch
  • Unisex fitness watch featuring 18 mm rectangular time/date OLED display and silicone band in all black
  • Not water resistant
  • Features 3D accelerometer, distance, average pace/speed, step counter, rechargeable battery, calories burned, sleep...