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Sony Smartband SWR10 Activity Tracker with LifeLog App

The Sony Smartband is an Activity Tracker with some very nice features. The heart of the Sony Smartband is the Sony Core, which contains all of the electronic components. The Sony Core itself is located inside the band and is water proof (IP58).

You can wear the Sony Smartband 24/7. In connection with the Sony LifeLog App you can track your activity through the whole day, the whole week, even your whole life.

You can choose between several colorful bands (available colors are at least white, black, pink, blue and green). It is very easy to exchange bands if you would like to have a new color. There is also a small and a large strap available. The strap itself is very lightweight and is made of silicone rubber, which feels very smooth. The Core can be charged by Micro USB. One battery charge will hold for approximately 5 days. The Price for the Sony Smartband is around 100 $.

Image of different Smartbands
SmartBand will come with several different colors

Main Features of the Sony Smartband

The Sony Smartband tracks every step you do, but it does not only track your steps but also notices if you are sleeping, walking, running, if you are biking or if you go by train or car. With the Lifelog App your Activity is taken together within the context of your life.

The Smartband does not only track your activity but also when and where your activity happened and for example what music you listened to or which picture you took at this time. You can set goals as for example number of calories to reach within the day and track your records and progress. It is also possible to track your sleeping behavior (deep sleep, light sleep, time of sleep).

One of the most interesting features is, that you can create Life Bookmarks. With a life bookmark you save the status of your current activities and can later recall that status. For example if your listening to a special song or if you have taken a special picture and you want to look at this later on again, you simply can make a life bookmark and switch to that bookmark whenever you want and see where the location was, how the weather was, which song you listened to.

You can also configure the Sony Smartband SWR10 to vibrate when you get an incoming call or a new message.

User Interaction with the Sony Smartband

Pairing the Smartband with your mobile phone

To connect the smartband with a mobile phone you just have to hold the Sony Smartband near to your mobile phones NFC detection area. After less than 1 second the connection is completed and there will be a short vibration notice by your phone. Your Smartband is now connected to your mobile phone via low energy consuming bluetooth technology. Please take in mind, that you can only connect your Sony Smartband with a mobile phone that supports NFC technology.

Controlling the Media Player

The Sony Smartband has one button and one LED. The LED indicates the status (Active mode/sleep mode). When you press the button, the Sony Smartband is in Active mode.

If you configured your Smartband to control your music player, you can use the following commands:

  • Tap the top of your Smartband once to start playing Music
  • Tap again to stop the Music
  • Tap the top twice: forward to the next song
  • Triple tap to rewind

Adding a “Life Bookmark”

Double click the small button on the side of the Sony Smartband to create a Life Bookmark

Activating Sleep Mode

To Activate the Sleep mode, you have to hold the small button on the side of the Sony Smartband until the LED starts blinking. Sleep mode was now enabled.

Lifelog App

In the Lifelog App itself you have 3 different Views: Journey View, Chart and Map

Image of mobile phone with lifelog app
Lifelog App

Sony Smartband – First Usage and other accessoires

Before using the Smartband you should plug it on and charge the battery for at least an hour. While your doing that, you can download the Lifelog App and create a new Lifelog account for you.

Sony announced that there will not only be the Smartband. It is also possible to wear the Sony Core inside a necklace, inside special sony shoes or in a clip on your jacket.

To sum it up: The Sony Smartband seems to be a very good alternative on the market of wearables and worth to be tested. For more information on the product you can visit Sony’s Homepage here. Please feel free to discuss this topic and leave me a comment below. Thank you for reading this article!