Upright posture trainer review

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The Upright is a new innovative wearable which coaches you to improve your posture. In this Upright posture trainer review, I will unbox the Upright packaging for you. After that, I will also show you the main features of the trainer.

The Upright posture trainers goal is to improve your sitting and standing habits. The device trains you to avoid slouching and sit upright.

So let’s start with our review and begin with the box content of the Upright posture trainer.

Unboxing the Upright posture trainer

The packaging is pretty nice and really well designed.

Upright posture tracker review: packaging
Packaging of Upright

Once opened the packaging you will see the upright device on the right-hand side. Everything you need to get started is included in the packaging. The user manuals are available online.

To start the setup process you need to download the free iOS or Android app.

Upright Unboxing
Opening the Upright packaging

Once unboxed, the following items will show up:

  • Upright device
  • 60 adhesives
  • Charging dock with USB cable
  • Alcohol pads
  • Some additional flyers which tell you to download the Upright app
upright box content
Upright Box content

The Upright device gently fits into the charging dock and is held by magnetic force. Charging is done via the USB cable.

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The included alcohol pads can be used to prepare and clean your skin before you apply the adhesives. The back side of the adhesives is actually a velcro fastener on which you can attach the Upright device.

upright adhesives
Upright adhesives with velcro

How to get started

Initial setup

Before you can start your training you will have to switch on the upright device by pressing the center button on it. Then you need so sync your mobile phone via the Upright app with your Upright device.

Upright posture tracker with light
Device switched on

The Upright can be placed either on the upper or on the lower back. There is probably some experience necessary until you have learned which place is ideal to place it on.

Once you have switched on the device and synced it with your mobile phone and placed it onto your back you have to calibrate it via your mobile phone app.

Calibration process

In order to start the calibration, you have to first sit up straight for around 10 seconds and then slouch for again 10 seconds. If the calibration has worked correctly the device will now automatically recognize when you are slouching.

The recalibration process has to be done each time you attach the Upright trainer.

Special hint: In case you have difficulties to get the app working, make sure to download the latest firmware for the device, which you can do in the apps settings tab.

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How to train

Upright Posture trainer
Upright posture tracker

Once attached, you can start the training program and the device will alert you when you slouch by vibrating. You can adjust vibration length and strength for your personal needs.

Upright suggests to wear it around 5 minutes up to an hour each day for training purposes.

The Upright app will show you your training progress and your daily statistics.

Additionally, there are some online tutorials available for the upright here.

I hope you liked this short Upright posture tracker review. Moreover, I am looking forward to your feedback and experience in the comment section!

To be continued very soon…