How VR Glasses Will Change Our Lives

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If we compared our lives with our grandparent’s, the most impressive changes are those that technology brought. From health to traveling, from communications to automation, from the way we shop, to entertainment and socialization. Countless technological advances have changed the way we live, work, and interact with the world. One of the latest inventions that are coming to revolutionize further our lives are virtual-reality glasses.

What are VR glasses?

Putting it in a simple way, you put on you VR glasses or headsets, and you find yourself immersed in another world, in any virtual world you may want to step in. Probably when you think about that the first thing that comes to your mind is gaming. You probably imagine yourself entering complex underwater worlds and swimming among fantastic creatures, or getting inside a spacecraft and traveling through time and space. Yes, you will be able to do that, but there are much more ways in which VR glasses will change our lives. Entertainment is only the top of the iceberg of the countless ways in which virtual reality will allow as to perceive, discover, and interact with the world. Compared to smart glasses which “only” will augment the reality with additional information,  virtual reality glasses will project a completely new image to your eyes.

So These are some of the ways in which VR will impact on our lives:

VR glasses for your job

If you work for example in the field of architecture or in the auto industry it is very likely that you will work with VR glasses in the near future. It will be possible for you to virtually step into the car, look around and get a feeling of the interior design even before any part has been produced. VR glasses will make engineering much more faster and easier. Check out this site where you can create your own virtual walkthrough with any 3D file that you will provide.

Education and training

Some schools and universities are already using VR labs for different purposes, such as teaching, learning, and researching. VR glasses will make an invaluable tool to teach students about history or geography, taking then to witness vividly ancient battles, travel to remote places, or visiting foreign galaxies. Additionally, virtual reality will make an invaluable alternative to school trips, saving time and money, since students will be able to visit the surroundings, museums, conferences, or whatever could contribute to their formation without actually leaving the classroom. Eon reality states that VR solutions for education increase students attention levels by 92% and also increases their test scores by 35%.

VR glasses for medicine

Future surgeons will be able to learn in a fully interactive and accurately representing specimen instead of having to practice on plastic models or dead bodies donated to medical science. Furthermore, surgeons will perfect their techniques or try new ones in virtual patients in need of intervention through a VR interface. Next generations will count on highly trained and high performing surgeons. VR glassses did also already help during a brain cancer surgery.

Fight back stress, phobias, anxiety and other psychological issues

Pleasant countryside

Instead of having to sit back, close your eyes and try to meditate picturing yourself in the pleasant countryside or at a paradisiacal beach, you will be able to immerse yourself in such relaxing scenario within a couple of seconds. Not only will it be faster (many people find it hard to empty their minds and let go on meditation), but also more efficient. Similarly, VR will be used to treat phobias, making people face their source of fears within a controlled environment.



VR will allow you to transport yourself to your desired travel destination within a blink and without having to spend huge amounts on airplane tickets to the other side of the globe. On the other hand, travel agencies and hotels, for instance, are certainly going to increase their sales thanks to VR, offering their clients a virtual reality experience to their wished destinations, thus engaging them and stimulating them to go for the real experience.

Sports Training

football game

Virtual reality is great to have fun practicing sports, and it has an immense potential to become a training aid for professional sportspersons to improve their skills. In fact, VR is already being incorporated into professional training. The Minnesota Vikings are incorporating it into their quarterback training, the NFL team the New York Jets, as well as the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, are also giving virtual reality training a try.

Considering that virtual reality professional sports training is taking its first steps, there are still questions that only time will answer. For instance, how realistic VR hast to be so as to be reflected in real-world performance improvement? Will VR training be able to fasten the 10-year rule of practice to become an expert in any sports field?

We have mentioned six ways in which VR glasses will change our lives. However,  when it comes to technology the limit seems to be the imagination. We are pretty sure that in the middle and long-term virtual reality will be part of our lives as much as real-world life, in ways we can’t even imagine yet.